What Are Some Fun Educational Games?

Educational Games

There are a great number of educational games for kids nowadays. A lot of these really help children to learn and grow up mentally and physically. It's really amazing that games can help children learn in ways that textbooks and conventional education can't.

Bigjigs Fantasy Snap

Bigjigs Fantasy Snap is a simple educational game in a form of a card game that is designed to improve your children’s observation skills and memory. Perfect game for the entire family whether you are on the road or at home. The rules of the game are simple, take turns in putting down a card and keep an eye out for any pairs of cards that turn up. Just like all Bigjigs toys, this card game was made using responsibly sourced materials and conforms to European and international safety standards.

Grimms Weather Building Set

Teach your children about the weather, temperature and changing seasons with this adorable playset from Grimms. Grimms is known for their rainbow coloured wooden toys. Builders of all ages can recreate what the weather is like outside or create their own stories and scenes using this weather building set. They can make scenes depicting a sunny afternoon or a stormy night. Your children can also use this playset to tell stories about their other toys. Made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and hand painted in Germany using non-toxic paint and dyes.

Indigo Jamm Trawler Ted & Fishing Game

A lovely fishing trawler comes with a skipper, crewman and 9 magnetic sea creatures to catch. This playset is made from sustainable rubberwood, finished with non-toxic paint and very durable. Toy pieces also have rounded corners and smooth surfaces so your children can safely play with this playset. This is a fun traditional wooden toy for developing a child’s hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Perfect playset for children who love fishing games.

Tender Leaf Toys Tic Tac Toe

Your children and the entire family can have fun with a competitive game of tic tac toe. Tender Leaf Toys Tic Tac Toe. This playset comes in a soft bunny bag and you can use the back of the bag for the grid. All noughts and crosses, which are made from wooden materials, fit inside the bag so your children can take it anywhere they go. Ideal educational game for strategic thinking and teaching little kids about turn-taking and being patient.

Bigjigs Lock a Block

If you are looking for a simple puzzle that provides a bit of challenge then look no further than Bigjigs Lock a Block puzzle. Your children can choose a challenge and fit the blocks to complete the level and move on to harder difficulty as they complete each level. The rules of the game are simple but definitely provide the right amount of challenge. Start off by placing the wooden divider at the level of your choice. The goal is to fit the colourful wooden pieces together in the space to the left of the wooden divider until all grid squares are covered. None of the wooden pieces should overlap and all pieces must be laid flat.


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