What Are Some of the Best Soft Toys for Babies

The Best Soft Toys and Cuddly Toys for Newborn

Soft toys are probably the first toys babies receive as presents. Toy stores are filled with them because children of all ages love them. These toys are great companions for babies because they are soft and cuddly. They are the perfect gifts for baby showers and first birthdays.

Most of the children that started playing with these toys became attached to them for years. Many of us still have our childhood soft toys somewhere. These toys are great for providing comfort when your children start to sleep in their own bed or something to distract them while you are on a long car journey. They can also relieve stress and ease anxiety during stressful situations.

Soft toys are more than just faithful bestfriends. They are also fantastic for early development. They provide children a window to their own fantasyland and use their imagination while playing. They come in a variety of designs, colours, forms and features. Some soft toys are so huge that they are bigger than children while others come with push buttons that make them produce sounds and play music.

Let’s take a look at some of the best soft toys you can buy for your babies right now.

Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds

We definitely love Rubens Barn soft toys. They have a wide range of soft toys to choose from but one of our absolute favourites is their Mini Ecobuds. What we love about them is that the outer layers of these soft toys are made from 100% organic cotton. The hair, skin and clothes of Mini Ecobuds are purely organic which means your children will not be in contact with anything synthetic. These dolls are soft and very cuddly. So if you are looking for a faithful companion to accompany your children on their adventures or have something your children can cuddle during bedtime, look no further than Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds.

Goki Soft Rattle Ball

This soft rattle ball from Goki is a wonderful baby’s toy. Your little one will be entertained for hours playing catch or simply from just bouncing the ball. The bells inside the ball produce high pitched rings that are loud enough to get your baby’s attention. The outer layer has a soft velvety feel to it which is good for sensory stimulation. Perfect first baby toy and gift for first birthdays. Babies will have a wonderful time shaking the ball to make jingling bell sounds.

Moulin Roty Les Pachats Cat Activity Ring Rattle

Made from the finest French fabrics and displays exquisite French craftsmanship, your babies will definitely love his activity ring rattle from Moulin Roty. This is an adorable rattle that facilitates learning as your baby grows older. It has a wide range of colours, perfect for colour recognition as well as different textures for exciting tactile stimulation.

Moulin Roty Les Zazous Hippo doll

Another lovely soft toy from Moulin Roty is their Les Zazous Hippo doll. This adorable soft toy features different shades of pink, fabrics and textures as well as long dangling arms and legs. Add this whimsical toy to your children’s soft toys collection or gift one to someone special.


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