What Are Some of the Most Common Farm Animals

A farm is land devoted primarily to agricultural purposes like growing crops and rearing animals. Nowadays, the majority of the farms are operating as a business raising a wide range of livestock like pigs, chickens, ducks and goats. Some farms raise both farm animals and crops. Most of the food and produce that we eat came from farms. A portion of the food grown on farms takes care of farm animals, and other food is sent from the farm to markets and grocery stores. When you visit a farm, you will see many different animals that live there.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common farm animals.


Cows are raised in farms for milk or meat. They are such enormous creatures that they require a significant amount of living space and they can seriously injure anyone who does not know how to handle them. Dairy farms generally keep numerous cows and milks them a few times every day, gathering the milk to sell. Farmers feed cows a mixture of different grains to keep them healthy and produce a lot of milk. Some farms allow their cows to graze on open meadows but these would require a farm to have acres of green pasture. What most farmers do is allow their cows to roam free in the pastures when they are not being milked, especially cattles that are raised for their meat.

Cows have a huge appetite and eat up to 100 pounds of food every day so most farmers have a large supply of hay to keep them fed. A large water source is also needed because cows can drink up to 45-50 gallons of water.


Chickens are one of the most common farm animals because they serve a lot of purpose. They can be raised for their eggs, meat and fertilizer.

Farm chickens require a chicken coop or chicken house to protect them from other farm animals. They require a covered space to stay dry and a place to nest. Chickens inherently love to scratch and forage and will eat almost anything. Some farmers allow them to roam free.

Chickens are very susceptible to illness because they have a weak respiratory system. which is why cleaning their house or coop should be a priority.

Hens for female chickens lay eggs and the farmers collect them to sell. The breed of the chickens determines how many eggs they will lay in a day.


Farms raise pigs for their meat. Pigs are either kept indoors or allowed to free range. Free range pigs do not smell as bad as the ones raised indoors because the more they move the less they smell. Pigs can weigh up to 900 pounds on average and they require a lot of food. They are sold and leave the farm once they are old and big.

A pen with strong fencing is needed to keep the pigs from escaping. They are such strong animals that they can escape if the fencing is weak.


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