What Are Soy Candles


So you've heard about soy candles. But what exactly are they?

You may have heard that soy wax is very similar to paraffin wax and wondered what the difference is. With the growing popularity of soy wax, it is important to know the differences and benefits between soy and paraffin waxes. Soy candles come in a variety of different scents, colors, shapes and sizes. Soy wax and paraffin wax differ from one another in terms of what exactly each type of wax is made out of, what the benefits of each are, the differences between them, as well as any possible drawbacks.

Soy and paraffin candles both have many applications for both personal uses as well as business applications. Soy wax candles are becoming more popular due to the many benefits they have. These include environmental friendliness, lower cost for the consumer, and of course, a pleasant odor. Knowing what soy candles are before buying one for yourself helps you make an informed decision on what type of soy candles are right for you.

Soy wax and paraffin wax are used in candle production for three main reasons. The first is that both paraffin candles and soy candles can be molded into many shapes and forms. Soy wax, unlike paraffin wax, does not break easily when used in molds to make any kind of shape you like. However, candles made from soy wax usually come in containers because soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin waxes. Soy based pillar candles are available but certain additives have been added into them. Second, both soy wax and paraffin wax give off a scent when burned with wicks. The third reason is the cost, soy candles are much less than those made from paraffin wax due to the growing popularity of soy but also the amount spent on shipping as well as the cost of storing inventory.

Soy candles are made from soy wax, which comes from soybean oil and considered a natural alternative to paraffin candles. Soybean oil is separate and extracted from the beans by using either a solvent or mechanical press and is then solidified to create a wax. Every manufacturer has different ways to make soy wax and most of them keep these processes a trade secret.

Soy wax can be made of either 100% soybean oil or a mixture of non soy materials like animal and vegetable products. Nonetheless, it is considered renewable and sustainable, which makes it more eco-friendly than paraffin. It usually appears colourless and opaque. When burnt, soy candles do not release any toxic or poisonous fumes into the air and are often considered clean-burning.

When it comes to scent throw, paraffin does a better job at releasing fragrances easier. Paraffin burns up easier while soy wax is more dense than paraffin which means it requires more heat to burn up and longer time to release fragrances. However, paraffin, which is petroleum-based and releases toxic compounds like benzene, formaldehyde and toluene when burnt. So if you are concerned about the fumes and soot, you probably would like a soy candle.


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