What Are the 5 Top Christmas Food Gifts?

Christmas 2020, like the rest of the year, is likely not to be what we would have imagined a year ago. And for many people that might mean gifting is a little bit different as well. Food gifts are a popular choice, everyone loves to indulge a bit at Christmas. Plus, with foodie gifts, you’re not filling anyone’s home with things they don’t really need.

There are so many options when it comes to Christmas food gifts. So we’ve put together our top five ideas to tickle the taste buds. Food gifts also make great emergency gifts to have on standby in case there’s someone you’ve forgotten of the Christmas list or to offer to unexpected visitors if they’re allowed this year.

1. A hamper full of their favourite things.

We’ve chosen a fabulous range of sweet and savoury treats and gourmet snacks that are just perfect for making up a Christmas hamper. There are beer flavoured nuts, drinks biscuits and liqueur hot chocolates for the grown-ups and natural popcorn, cookies and chocolate Santas and snowmen for the kids.

We’ve got chilli lovers bundles for those that like a bit of extra spice and lots of gluten-free and vegan options so no-one needs to feel left out. And if choosing feels a bit too much why not let our elves do the hard work with a mystery bundle.

2. Combine food with reusable items.

Give food lovers a gift that keeps on giving by combining something yummy they can have now with something reusable they can keep enjoying long after the treats are gone.

You could combine a selection of hot chocolate shots with a reusable cup or some yummy vegan snacks with a set of vegan wax wraps.

3. All the chocolate.

For most people chocolate is a winner and our range of luxury chocolate is all ethically made so you know no-one else is missing out as a result of your indulgence.

4. Gourmet snacks.

We all have to eat so food might not feel like much of a gift. However, we don’t always treat ourselves to the best gourmet snacks. Our range of savoury snacks includes nuts, biscuits, olives, crisps and popcorn. And they are all delicious.

5. Homemade foodie gifts.

Not everyone has the time or the inclination to make their gifts but if you do it can be a wonderful way of giving a heartfelt and delicious gift without breaking the bank.

Our top five homemade foodie gifts are:

  1. Fudge. People love it but would rarely make it for themselves and it’s actually pretty simple. A basic recipe only has three ingredients and you can experiment with flavours to your heart’s content.
  2. Gingerbread. A Christmas classic that’s delicious and fun for children to get involved with making.
  3. Mince pies. Homemade mince pies are so much more delicious than bought ones. Even if you cheat and buy both the pastry and the mincemeat. Try topping with a frangipane for an extra special treat.
  4. Homemade boozy gifts. Even if it’s too late to collect sloes for gin you can still make your own festive spirits. Limoncello, homemade Irish cream or a festive mulled spice gin are all great options.
  5. Brownies. There are lots of companies that sell brownies and will deliver them directly to your lucky recipient but why not cut out the middleman and make them yourself. You can even add some personal decoration.

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