What Are the Benefits of Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty products such as those made by Janni Bars are growing in popularity and with good reason. Natural products are by default more environmentally friendly, but they are often made by companies that put environmental sustainability at the heart of what they do. Plus natural ingredients are nature's pharmacy and often far more effective than their synthetic counterparts.

Using natural products on your skin makes sense as the skin is our largest organ and much of what you put on your skin is absorbed into the body and ends up in your bloodstream. Chemically derived substances can often be more likely to cause irritation than natural products and have side effects especially when used over long periods of time and so people with sensitive skin in particular benefit from using natural products .

Natural Products are Better for the Environment

One of the main reasons people choose to use natural products is that they are better for the environment. We are all aware that we need to be reducing our environmental impact from the fuel we use to the waste we create. Single use plastic is a big issue as so much of it doesn’t end up being recycled but instead ends up in landfill or our oceans. One of the benefits of using natural products such as Janni Bars is that they don’t use plastic packaging.

If you choose solid products like shampoo bars and soap you are also dramatically reducing the amount of water that is both used in production and contained within the product. For example, a 75g bar of solid shampoo equates to 2 bottles of liquid shampoo which is a big size and weight difference when it comes to shipping and storage.

Then there is the fact that natural products that do not use synthetic ingredients are safer for the environment especially when they end up in our waterways and seas. Natural products break down and do not cause harm to plants and animals whereas synthetic products can have big negative impacts.

Natural Products are Better For You

As well as being better for the planet natural products are also a gentler and healthier alternative for you and your family. There are so many chemicals found in standard beauty products many of which are pretty questionable when you look into them and not something you want to be absorbed into the body through your skin.

As well as not being harmful, good quality natural products tend to be packed with beneficial ingredients. They contain natural oils and plant extracts that are packed with vitamins and free radicals that actively help the body. The fragrances come from natural essential oils that not only smell great but have beneficial side effects for your skin, hair and even moods, as opposed to synthetic fragrances that can irritate the skin causing reactions.

It is amazing how many products contain chemicals that are known irritants because they perform a function such as making a product foam or acting as a preservative, and because they are cheap to use. Natural products however choose natural alternatives that do not have any negative health effects.


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