What Are the Benefits of Playing Alphabet Toys

Alphabet toys are toys designed to make learning the alphabet fun and entertaining. Learning the alphabet is an important developmental milestone and should begin early in a child’s life. It is the first step towards literacy and reading. It is also crucial for children to know their alphabet because it allows them to read and write and communicate better through the use of words.

Children should be able to recognise and name the letters and the sounds associated with each letter before they start school. It is not recommended to wait for children to learn about the alphabet until they start school. Doing so puts your child at a disadvantage and she will have to catch up with her classmates. Child experts suggest to start introducing letters as early as age 3 and by preschool age, your child should be already familiar with the alphabet.

Alphabet toys are meant for teaching the alphabet to little children. However, most of these toys can be played in other ways. For instance, letters of the alphabet incorporated to building blocks can be used for both constructive play and learning the alphabet. Your children can have fun building whatever structure they want and knocking them down while learning the alphabet. They can spend hours playing these alphabet building blocks which helps with their early development.

There are also alphabet toys that come in the form of a puzzle. Introducing puzzles at an early age is really a good idea. Children might find it difficult to complete puzzles but eventually they will love playing them. When children play with alphabet puzzle toys, they improve their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. These skills are important to develop at an early age because they allow children to perform certain actions like writing, buttoning their shirt or using a spoon to eat. Solving puzzles in general requires patience and setting up of goals so while your child is figuring out how to solve his alphabet puzzle, he develops his emotional skills. He can also learn how to deal with tough situations and strong emotions when puzzle pieces do not fit together.He will also gain a better understanding of the world around him because he can manipulate the pieces to fit together.

Some alphabet toys feature magnetic backs. Children are fascinated with magnets and playing with magnetic alphabet toys will encourage them to learn not only their alphabet but also about basic magnetism. Playing with this kind of toy can spark your child’s interest into the sciences because children are inherently curious and magnets are just amazing toys.

You can also use your alphabet toys to teach other subjects like numeracy, colour and shape recognition. Most alphabet toys come in colourful pieces which are guaranteed to get your children’s attention and keep them entertained for hours. Learning how to count and recognise different colours and shapes is just as important as learning about alphabets. Remember, letters in the alphabet are made up of different shapes.


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