What Are the Benefits of Playing With Castle Toys?

The Benefits of Playing With Castle Toys

Children love to play with castle toys and they have done for generations. A wooden castle is a timeless classic toy that seems it will never go out of fashion and for good reason.

All children seem to know that every princess should live in a castle and every knight needs a castle and kingdom to protect. Children love to dive into these fantasy worlds, playing at being the princess or the knight, slaying the dragon, or befriending them, and saving the kingdom from evil in all it’s forms.

But castles don’t only appear in myth, legend, fairy tales and the movies. They are also part of our history. You learn about them at school, why the windows were so tiny and why they often have a moat. And you can go and see and explore castle remains in real life.

So what are the skills that children are developing when they are playing with castle toys?

Physical Motor Skills

Whenever children are building with or manipulating their toys they are working on their motor skills as well as spatial awareness and dexterity.

Putting the castle together requires problem-solving abilities and the ability to think logically. While moving and manipulating the figures and other play pieces are more focused on fine motor skills. All skills that they will need to use in later life.

Role Play and Social Skills

Small world play, be it with castles, a dolls house, a farmyard or anything else is also a really great way for children to build their role-play and social skills. They get to act out scenarios, develop their language skills and practise social skills.

Playing with a toy castle together with other children is a great way for children to learn to negotiate who is playing who and what is going to happen next in the adventure.

Children also get to explore emotions when they play, acting out different emotions, exploring them, and developing the skills they need to deal with them in real life. You will often find children comforting a toy that is sad or telling off a toy that’s been naughty. This is their way of understanding and processing these situations and is an important part of development.

Being Creative and Using their Imaginations

As well as being a great way for children to role play and act out real-life scenarios playing with castles, knights, dragons and princesses is also the perfect way to let their imaginations run wild. And developing creativity and the imagination is so much more than just child’s play.

A persons ability to think critically and come up with creative solutions to the problems they encounter evolves from their imagination. So it’s easy to see how fostering a healthy imagination is an important part of cognitive development.

Imagining different outcomes and scenarios is also good for a child’s social and emotional development. Knowing they can solve their own problems boosts their confidence and allows them to become more independent and all this starts with play.


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