What Are the Best Baby Rattles?

Rattles have been around for hundreds of years but they remain popular because they are good toys to entertain a baby. They’re practical and have exceptional developmental value. They’re fantastic toys to help your children develop their auditory and visual senses as well as a wide range of skills like fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Choosing the best baby rattle can sometimes overwhelm a parent. While all of them produce sounds, there are so many options to choose from because they come in a wide range of colours, shapes and designs. Don’t worry. We’ve made a list of some of the best baby rattles to make your shopping experience easy and simple.

Grimm’s Grasping Toy Bead Ring

Grimm’s is one of our favourite toy makers because they are committed to our environment by making toys made from responsibly sourced materials. All their toys are finished with non-toxic dyes and come in minimal packaging. Talk about eco-friendly!

Their Grasping Toy Bead Ring is a safe and fun little toy for your child. It has 12 wooden beads made from maple wood strung together on a strong red chord. Your baby can easily roll these beads with her tiny hands and their wooden texture is great for tactile perception development. The brightly coloured beads were finished with non-toxic dyes and some beads show off the grains of wood.

Grimm’s Beads Grasper

Another wonderful rattle from Grimm’s is their Beads Grasper. This lovely baby clutching toy is made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and bears the mark of European craftsmanship. The beads carry marks by nature as you can see the visible grains of wood. They produce a gentle rattling sound against each other and the brightly coloured beads can definitely get the attention of your baby. They’re easy to clean too! Simple wipe them using a damp cloth and a spray bottle filled with natural soap like Castille. Never submerge them in water because they will deform.

Bigjigs Rainbow Petals

We love BigJigs because all their toys are made using natural materials and conform to European and international safety standards. This toy is suitable for babies and great for developing your baby’s dexterity, hand-eye coordination, colour recognition and more. Your baby can twist each of the colourful petals until they fit back together.

Moulin Roty Assorted Tartempois Rattles

Moulin Roty are French toymakers that make and design toys using the finest French fabric and materials. They have been making toys for decades and all their toys show the excellent French craftsmanship and attention to detail.

These rattles feature the characters from their popular Les Tartempois collection. Les Tartempois collection is a group of joyful anthropomorphic animals that aims to spread cheer and joy to little children.

Goki Fish Rattle

If you are looking for a cloth rattle, then we highly recommend checking out Goki Fish Rattle. It’s a rattle in the form of a fish and made from fabric materials.


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