What Are the Best Baby Toys

Baby Toys

The best baby toys are those that are safe, easy for baby to handle, engaging, and good for their cognitive or physical development. Toys can help babies develop their sense of touch, hearing and vision. Babies love black and white toys for example because they can see the contrast. As well as helping them learn about cause and effect and develop hand-eye coordination skills.

The best newborn toys are also those that are durable, portable (think distraction while you're changing a nappy or queuing in the supermarket), and eco-friendly.

Our pick of the best toys for babies

Soft toys

Soft toys are great because they are safe, comforting, and help to develop a child’s sense of touch. They take on a familiar scent and babies love to explore them with their hands and mouths.

Moulin Roty make the most gorgeous soft toys for babies that are suitable from birth. Many are designed to stimulate vision, hearing and touch as they have different colours, textures and even sounds thanks to crinkle fabric and rattles.

Noisy Toys

Every baby should have at least one noisy toy. And we're not talking about battery-operated toys that you want to take the batteries out of within an hour of getting them out of the box.

Musical toys such as rattles, rain sticks, drums and whistles will all engage little ones whilst at the same time helping them learn about cause and effect and develop hand-eye coordination.

Musical toys are also great for teaching about rhythm and for engaging little ones while you sing to them or listen to music.

Teething Toys

Once your little one starts cutting their first tooth suddenly everything gets chewed. Mummy's fingers (or worse boobs) tend to be a popular choice. So you might want a selection of teething toys available to save your knuckles and nipples.

Natural rubber and wood are both excellent materials for teething toys, and you may find your baby prefers one to the other. Natural rubber toys also make great bath toys.

Stacking and sorting toys

Stacking and sorting toys are always a hit with little ones pretty much from the time they can begin to sit on their own. Simple stacking toys won't have changed much since you were a kid and it's because they are great for encouraging physical and cognitive development.

We love the Djeco stacking boxes and any of the Grimms stacking toys. If you are looking for a gift that looks beautiful, is ethically made and will be loved and played with for years then you really can't go wrong with one of these.

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