What Are the Best Early Learning Toys?

Early Learning Toys

Choosing early learning toys can be a bit challenging due to the vast selection of toys that advertise themselves as developmental toys. One thing to keep in mind is that the less a toy does, the better. Early learning toys that are simple and open ended provide more in terms of developmental value than toys that do more. For example, a rag doll encourages imaginative play while a battery-operated doll does not.

Early learning toys play an important role in a child’s development and is a very broad category of toys. And there are many different kinds of early learning toys. There are open ended toys that do not bind children to any rules which means they can play these toys in different ways. There are toys that are designed to teach children a specific subject. A good example of this kind of early learning toy is alphabet toys. You can also buy toys that appeal to your children’s interests. For instance, there are sorting toys that come in forms of different animals.

There are many thousands of toys on the market which makes toy shopping difficult for some parents. We hope our short list of the best early learning can help you out.

Bigjigs Magnetic Weather Board

This colourful magnetic board is a great way to teach toddlers about the weather, different seasons, time and date. This set includes 73 play pieces that helps children develop fine motor skills, dexterity and memory. A fantastic teaching tool for the classroom or at home. The colourful clock features moveable hands just like a real clock and the handy annotations next to each number showing how many minutes past or to the hour each number represents.

Made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic paint, you will have a peace of mind that your children are playing with safe toys.

Tidlo Sorting & Teaching Clock

This wooden teaching clock from Tidlo is a good way to teach children how to count, tell time, basic numeracy, shape and colour recognition. It features the numbers 1 to 12 on removable magnetic shapes with each number written underneath. Made from wooden materials, this toy clock from Tidlo is eco-friendly and a good addition to your child’s toy collection.

Tender Leaf Toys Citrus Fractions

Teach your little ones the concept of fractions the fun way with Tender Leaf Toys Citrus Fractions. It comes with 5 citrus fruits already cut into specific portions - halves, thirds, quarters and fifths, a wooden cutting knife and a board with slots and fractions printed underneath each slot. Perfect way to teach children about fractions and fruits!

Plan Toys Beehives

This wonderful playset from Plan Toys comes with 6 cute bumble bees, 6 colourful beehives and a pair of pincer tongs. Great playset to teach children about sorting, colour recognition, counting and for practicing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Made from sustainable wooden materials like rubberwood and crafted using non-toxic materials like organic pigments, water based dyes and more.


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