What Are the Best Educational Toys for Babies

educational toys for babies

Educational Toys for Babies

Learning starts at a very young age. In fact, it begins at infancy. When a baby starts to interact and actively engages in her environment, she’s starting to learn about the world around her.

Early learning comes in different forms. Your baby can learn a few things even as simple as you talking to her or every time you make faces to entertain her.

It’s important to understand that there’s a lot of ways for babies to play and learn. And every baby is unique which means there’s no one size fits all approach to early learning. One approach might be effective for some parents but might not be that effective for you. So you’ll just have to try different approaches and see what gets your baby’s attention.

Developmental milestones are actions and skills that children can do when they reach a certain age. However these milestones are more like guidelines, not rules. You can use developmental milestones to measure your baby’s ability and as references when buying educational toys.

The first toys that babies can appreciate are ones they can see and produce sounds. A baby’s vision isn’t well-developed at birth which means she can only see things at a certain distance but she can already hear. So choose toys that have bright colours and are visually stimulating. All the better if that toy produces pleasant sounds.

Here’s a short list of educational toys for babies.


Rattles are some of the most practical toys ever made. They have been around for centuries but remained popular because of their entertainment and developmental value. Babies react to sounds and are attracted to bright colours which is why most rattles come in vibrant colours.

These toys teach a variety of lessons and promote early development of skills. For instance, whenever a child shakes the rattle it produces sounds. She will learn about cause and effect.

Musical Toys

Babies are easily drawn to sounds. Even at birth, they’re always curious whenever they hear a sound and will tilt their heads towards the direction where the sound is coming from.

Musical toys in the form of musical instruments are fantastic toys for auditory stimulation especially percussion. They’re also good for development of other skills. Your baby will have to use her hands to bang the percussion to make a sound. This is a good practice of her fine motor skills, grasp strength and dexterity.

Stacking Toys

A stacking toy is another kind of educational toy that is good for early learning and development. It doesn’t even have to be a toy, at least not at the beginning. You can use household items like clean unused cardboard boxes or small cups as stacking toys. These toys are good for development of fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, cause and effect as well as spatial relationship.

Teething Toys

Teething toys are not really necessary during one of your baby’s teething stages. But these toys could come in handy when your baby starts getting fuzzy and irritable. They help soothe a baby’s gums which relieves discomfort and alleviates some of the pain. As your baby chomps on the teething toy, she’s refining her fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Furthermore, teething toys often come in bright colours which is good for visual stimulation.

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