What Are the Best Garden Toys for Toddlers?

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There is nothing like going outdoors and playing with your kids in your garden where they can run around and enjoy their childhood. You should get your children to play outside because it helps with their early learning and development. It doesn't matter what age they are. Childs love playing outside, running around and simply being free. One way to encourage children to go outside and play is providing them with toys that are fun to play. We know how hard it is to get your child out of the house and having fun outside so we bring to you a selection of brilliant garden toys for your kids to enjoy.

Bigjigs Footwalkers Crocodile

Bigjigs is one of our favourite toy brands and their lightweight wooden footwalkers are some of the most fantastic toys for toddlers out there. This toy is very simple toy play - step on the footwalker, hold on the strings and walk. Your little ones might find it difficult to get it to work on their first attempt but they would eventually figure out how to take their first steps. Perfect toy to bring in your garden to let your children enjoy the outdoors. This toy helps children develop a wide range of skills including gross motor skills, body strength, balance and coordination.

Green Toys Wagon Orange

A toy wagon is one of the most popular toys for the garden. This toy wagon from Green Toys is durable and sturdy which means it can take a beating and withstand rough play. Your toddlers can play with it however they want. They can play with it outdoors in your garden or use it to store their toys like wooden blocks. It features chunky tires, low-set bed making it the perfect size for your children’s precious toys so they can haul them around with them and 100% cotton rope handle that is designed with children’s little hands in mind and can easily tuck inside for their convenience. Toys from Green Toys are made in the US using recycled plastic with no BPA (bisphenol-A), phthalates or PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Tender Leaf Toys Forest Trail Kit

Make your toddler’s little adventures fun and exciting with Tender Leaf Toys Forest Trail Kit. This kit comes complete with a magnifying glass, an owl compass, a waterproof ground sheet printed with bright and cute forest treasures related illustrations, a lined canvas bag featuring a lovely wolfs head, a whistle and three adventure cards. Most children love to explore their surroundings and it is important to encourage them to enjoy the outdoors and engage in outdoor play to bring them closer to nature and help them develop a wide range of essential skills.

Bigjigs Garden Bug Keeper

This simple yet adorable bug keeper from Bigjigs is the perfect garden toy for your budding entomologist. Most children are fascinated by tiny creatures like insects and with a bug keeper they can make a home for the bugs that interest them. It features a magnifying glass in the lid to allow children to inspect their bugs closely without having to open the bug keeper. A fantastic toy for educational play. Children will learn a lot of things about bugs while keeping these tiny creatures safe in the bug keeper.

Green Toys Dune Buggy Pull Toy Blue

If you are looking for an adorable pull toy that your toddler could pull along with him wherever he goes, then Green Toys Dune Buggy Pull Toy is the perfect toy. This is the fantastic toy to encourage your children to enjoy playing in your garden and support him with his early learning and development. Toddlers will develop a wide range of skills like fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, cognitive skills and many more while playing with these toys. Made in the USA using recycled plastic milk jugs and featuring a 100% cotton rope.

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