What Are the Best Gifts for a New Mum?


There is certainly nothing that compares to welcoming a brand new person into the world. And it’s wonderful to mark that moment with a gift for a new mum.

New mum's suddenly thrust into a whole new world with a tiny person that is completely dependent on them so we think the best gifts are things that make their lives a little easier or allow them to take a few moments to look after themselves.

Top Gifts for New Mums

Here are some of our top gifts for new mums that are either meaningful, essential or just allow them to focus on themselves for a minute or two to replenish their energy.

Sweet and Savoury Snacks

Being a mum to a new baby whether it’s for the first time or the fifth generally involves lots of time feeding or being otherwise stuck under a sleeping baby. It involves a lot less sleep than you would ideally like. And it seems to require a lot of snacking to keep going.

Feeding a new baby is both hungry and thirsty work and so having a ready supply of sweet and savory snacks is a godsend for most new mothers.

Why not put together a little hamper of treats including some healthy snacks to make sure mumma is staying nourished and a few naughty but nice delicacies to get them through the night feeds and early mornings when only a bit of sugar will do.

A Leak-Proof Cup or Flask

As well as needing lots of nourishment new mums also need lots of fluids. There is nothing worse than sitting down for a feed and realising your drink is out of reach.

Leakproof cups, bottles of flasks make a great gift as you can have them lying next to you in bed or on the sofa so that fluids are always on hand.

Why not combine a nice new travel mug with some herbal teas or hot chocolate for a great new mum gift.

A Self Care Package

New mums often don’t have much time to take care of themselves, so having a nice self care gift can serve two functions. One it’s a little reminder that it’s important to find a few moments to take a bath, and two it’s great to have a few things that can make you feel a bit more human again even if you only have a few minutes.

We love to include a good hand cream to look after dry skin, a nipple cream to sooth cracked nipples, a dry shampoo to make her feel better about leaving the house, some bath salts to encourage healing and relaxation and a lovely new pair of socks because sometimes it’s the little things.

Something to Mark the Occasion

Sometimes it’s nice to get a new mum something that’s just for her to mark the moment of becoming a mother. This could be anything that’s special, from a newspaper of the day of the birth to a piece of jewellery.

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