What Are the Best Natural Baby Products

With a general rise in consciousness around both environmental impact and the health effects of the choices we make and the products we use there is now a huge range of natural baby products available to parents. This means it can be hard to know where to start. Especially as there is no way of telling exactly how ecofriendly products are with a quick glance at the label.

For products to be considered natural they are not made from synthetic materials or ingredients. The best natural baby products will be toxin-free and safe for babies, not tested on animals, environmentally friendly, and easy to use.

Parents want to choose natural products because they are toxin-free and gentler for babies' skin. Babies' skin is not only softer and more sensitive than adult skin but it is also more permeable meaning that whatever comes into contact with their skin is more likely to be absorbed into their bodies.

It is also worth being aware that even ecofriendly products can cause a reaction. Some babies will have allergies to natural ingredients and parents need to be vigilant about this.

Our Top Natural Baby Products

Ecofriendly baby products range from natural skincare and other toiletries to reusable wipes and nappies and even natural toys. And there will be different factors to consider when you are trying to choose the best ecofriendly products in each category.

Green people are a fantastic brand for organic skincare and have a whole range catering to babies and children. They don’t use any artificial preservatives or harsh foaming agents nor do they use artificial fragrances or colours.

Lyonsleaf makes a smaller range of fantastic balms that are suitable for the whole family. Their zinc and calendula balm is brilliant to use as a nappy balm and perfect for soothing nappy rash but it’s also great for other skin irritations and conditions including eczema. The ingredients list is tiny and there are no long names that you won’t recognise so you know exactly what you are getting. With the main ingredients being plant oils, homegrown herbs and beeswax.

When it comes to toothpaste we love Jack N Jill. They have a great range of flavours that are free of GMO ingredients, sodium lauryl sulphate, preservatives and colourants. And they do an adult range as well.

As well as baby toiletries, reusable products can also be considered natural baby products. We stock a great range of nappies and wipes that have been carefully selected because they really work and are environmentally friendly. It is worth noting though that some of the nappies, especially the waterproof wraps, are made from synthetic materials.

There are a number of brands and nappy systems to choose from including Flip, Blueberry Capri, Petit Lulu and Little Lamb. And there really is no need to sacrifice ease and convenience just because you want to make environmentally conscious choices. Yes, you have to wash them, but today’s reusable nappies are very different to the terry nappies with giant safety pins you might be imagining.


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