What Are the Best Open Ended Toys for Babies?

Open Ended Toys

Babies play with toys at a very early age. Their sense of exploration is on full throttle and they find joy in the most simple of objects. It’s important to stimulate their little minds so they learn about the world around them through play.

Playing and learning go hand in hand. Playing with open ended toys helps babies develop fine motor skills, learn and practice language, build problem solving skills and coordination. The right kind of toys like open ended ones can maximise your baby’s learning and development potential.

High Contrast Books and Flashcards

When babies are first learning about the world around them, they have an easier time focusing on high contrast objects. Contrast can be created by size, color or brightness. As your baby ages, he or she will develop more complex vision compared to seeing in black and white. People often think of color when they think about vision, but what's more important from an infant's point of view is contrast.

Babies seem to enjoy looking at high contrast patterns, so high contrast flash cards and books are good toys to have around for visual stimulation.

High contrast patterns are popular for decorating nursery walls. Since infants need two contrasting colors to visually grasp objects, many nurseries are designed with high contrast paint colors (i.e. black and white) in a sweet pattern. This allows the baby to focus on this pattern as a place to rest its eyes and build a stronger concentration.

Wooden Graspers

Our babies are always changing and developing new skills. They need different open ended toys to challenge them as they grow. As your baby grows older, she will start to explore her surroundings using her hands. And this is the perfect time to introduce an open ended toy like a wooden grasper.

An open ended toy provides a bridge from your baby’s learning about her hands, to the next step of discovering how she can use other toys around her. This is where an open-ended baby toy like a grasper comes in handy.

Graspers are a great way for your baby to explore, and play with other toys around her. Not only do they help babies develop their fine motor skills by teaching them how to grasp, but they also give them practice on how to use other toys, such as rattles.

Play Silks

Baby play silks are the perfect example of a good open ended toy for babies. They are relatively simple. They are just a piece of silk. But they are fantastic at helping babies with sensory development. However, play silks may not look dangerous but you should still watch over your baby while she’s playing.


Rattles are some of the oldest toys for babies. They are considered open ended because babies can play with them however they like. Babies are fascinated by the sound of rattles and will learn to shake them sooner rather than later. Babies love to hold things and shake things, so a rattle is an excellent combination of these two abilities.

Wooden Balls

Wooden balls are another good playset for open ended play. Babies can play with them however they want. Most of these toys come in bright colours so they are definitely great for visual stimulation. Additionally, since they are made from wood they are good for tactile stimulation.


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