What Are the Best Open Ended Toys for Toddlers?

Open Ended Toys

Toddlers are still developing their skills and learning more about the world. Toys that provide open ended fun can help them reach their potential.

Open ended toys do not have specific goals or set games. This allows children to decide how the toys will be used, which in turn leads to a lot of imagination and creativity. The skill sets that are developed using this type of play will be useful as toddlers enter school and need to problem-solve and think outside the box.

Let’s take a look at some of the best open ended toys for toddlers.

Open Ended Toy Building Blocks

Building blocks are fantastic open ended toys for toddlers. They allow children to build their imagination free. In other words, these blocks won't tell your toddler or preschooler what to create - they'll imagine and create whatever they like - with a little adult guidance!

These open ended toys provide hours of fun for the young ones and are very useful in aiding spatial awareness, develop coordination skills and foster independent thought as children learn to build different shapes and create new things on their own. Not only do they allow children to develop fine motor skills but they also encourage them to use their imagination in a very free manner.

Stacking Toys

Stacking toys are good for improving fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. These toys can be used to learn shapes, sizes and colours. They come in a wide range of variants and stacking cups are probably the most popular. Toddlers like to play with these toys because they can stack them up high and then break them down to create a whole new tower.

Wooden Peg Dolls

Wooden peg dolls are good open ended toys to introduce to your toddler especially if you want him to engage in creative play. These toys allow toddlers to engage in open ended play. Perceiving it as a chance of role playing their real life interaction with their parents, they would love to mimic the way they communicate or behave with these dolls. As such, peg dolls provide an excellent opportunity for learning enhancement through the child’s creative and imaginary role play.

Peg dolls double as both open-ended creative toys and educational toys for toddlers because they give your child the chance to create their own make-believe scenarios which leads to them developing their imagination and social skills through role play activities with their new little friends.

Wooden Balance Boards

Wooden balance boards are versatile toys that grow with your old. They are such good open ended toys because children can play with them in many ways. Wooden balance boards can be used for balancing, sitting, standing, stepping and hopping so really this toy is one that will last them for years.

Wooden Animals

Most children love animals because these creatures are everywhere. They can read about them in storybooks, watch them on TV and learn about them through toys. This is one of the reasons why wooden animals are nursery and playroom staples.

Wooden animals foster imaginative play in an open ended manner. This means children can play however they want. They can make worlds filled with their favourite animals or role play as zookeepers. The possibilities are indeed endless.


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