What Are the Best Pull Along Toys?

Pull along toys remain popular among kids and parents despite the rise of more sophisticated toys and digital toys. They are great toys for early development because they encourage movement, mobility, physical development as well as cognitive thinking. Unlike battery-operated toys, pull along toys allow children to think for themselves and offer open-ended fun. Little kids are not limited to what the toy does and doesn’t do.

Pull toys are important toys for early development. Children need to learn and develop a wide range of skills to prepare them for school and perform daily tasks when they grow older. So that developmental value of pull toys is immeasurable and it’s as important to pick the right toys to maximise your child’s development and learning potential.

Here are some of the best pull toys:

Plan Toys Dancing Alligator

Plan Toys are advocates of eco-friendly toys. Their toys are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic dyes. These toys are chemical-free and safe for kids.

Featuring a whimsical design, this dancing alligator pull along from Plan Toys will definitely entertain your little one. With it’s clickety-clack sound, your child will not feel alone as he explores his surroundings. This toy is the perfect gift for children who are still learning how to walk and love animals.

Plan Toys Wagon - Black

This lovely wooden wagon from Plan Toys is the perfect toy for your child. Your little girl can put her toys in the wagon and bring them anywhere she goes. Or your little boy can bring his building blocks outdoors and build something from his imagination. Once your kids are done playing, they can store their toys in the wagon as well. If she has dolls, she can use this wagon as a pram or a doll bed.

Sevi Unicorn Mini Pull Along

This wonderful fantastical pull toy is crafted from sustainable wooden materials and painted with bright colours. It’s designed with your child’s tiny hands in mind so that she can easily hold and pull the toy. This toy is recommended for children who are still learning how to walk to encourage them to become more mobile and active. Your child will have a companion as they navigate around obstacles.

Bigjigs Marine Activity Walker

BigJigs is a popular toymaker, known for their wide range of plastic-free toys which often come in attractive bright colours. This activity walker from BigJigs can be either pulled or pushed. It has other mini toys built right in like a mini sorter, sliders, spinning wheels and more. Perfect for developing dexterity, fine motor skills, problem-solving as well as understanding cause-effect relationships. All BigJigs toys conform to European and international safety standards.

Tender Leaf Toys Ducks Pull Along Toy

Tender Leaf is another toymaker we trust because all their toys are lovely and made from sustainable materials. Their classic pull along toy features a family of ducks with a removable mother duck plus her 2 baby ducks and 3 eggs. This is a good toy for children learning about numbers and how to count.


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