What Are the Best Ride-On Toys for Toddlers?

Does your toddler love to run? And climb and jump and scramble? Then the chances are they will love to ride and scoot as well.

Toddlers should spend as much time as possible being active as this not only helps their physical development but is vital for cognitive development too.

Ride-on toys help children learn balance, develop spatial intelligence, and improve gross and fine motor skills. As well as fostering their growing sense of independence, and encouraging them to be confident little explorers.

And of course ride-on toys are great for getting kids, and their grown-ups outside. So they are good for you too.

Best Ride-on Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are generally able to scoot with their feet to propel themselves forward, or backward which may come first, before they are able to pedal. So while a tricycle might be a very traditional option for toddlers there are other options that you and your child may prefer.

Four wheeled ride-on vehicles.

Little ride-on vehicles (or animals) that children propel forward by scooting their feet along the floor make a great first ride-on toy and they don’t require too much in the way of coordination or balance.

This classic style of ride-on toy, found in village halls up and down the country, as well as many homes, generally have 4 wheels and a low centre of gravity so tipping is less of an issue. And they are a great way for your toddler to gain confidence and get used to steering.

Balance bikes for toddlers

Another great option for toddlers is a balance bike.

Balance bikes are a step up from 4 wheels as they require your little one to learn to balance to get the most out of them. And yet they are still easy for a toddler to get the hang of and start enjoying.

To begin with all they have to do is stand with their legs either side of the bike and walk along with it. But they’ll soon be coasting down the slopes, feet in the air, and taking corners with ease which is great practise for learning to ride a pedal bike when they are older.

If you’ve not seen a balance bike in action before it could be well worth seeing if you have a friend with a slightly older child that has one, or taking a trip to the park, as the easiest way for little ones to learn and get excited is to see someone else doing it.


A final great option for toddlers is a simple scooter. This is a stand-up ride-on toy that can be great fun as well as a great mode of transport.

Scooters have also become popular with older children so like a balance bike this could become a hobby that will see them outside getting exercise into their teens so it’s got to be worth encouraging early.


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