What Are the Best Scented Candles

For fragrance lovers, scented candles are an excellent way to pamper olfactory receptors. These objects fill the room with beautiful scents as they slowly burn out in their jars. Nonetheless, finding the perfect fragrance can be challenging, especially if you are buying one as a gift for a special someone. At Baba Me, we have gone through the trouble of looking for the best scented candles that you or your loved one will love as a gift. Even better, all our candles are eco-friendly natural soy candles.

1. Botanical Candles

Among our excellent line of scented candles are those from Botanical Candles. These candles come in an attractive package, are barcoded, and presented in reusable ceramic jars. If you are all about natural essences, these are the candles for you; each candle has a wooden wick and burns with natural botanical scents. Here are some of our favorite fragrance from Botanical Candles;

  • Marsh Viola
    If you love smelling flowers, this candle brings the scent of the wildflower from which it borrows its name right into your home. The wooden wick burns for 30 hours with a crackling sound reminiscent of an open fire.

  • Victorian Peony
    If you or the recipient of your gift loves the scent of flowers, this is a fragrance perfect for you. With a sweet and rosy smell, the candle has a crackling wooden wick that burns for 30 hours.

  • Lemon Honeysuckle
    This candle fills the room with the fruity and warm scent of the honeysuckle plant and burns for 27 hours.

  • Mulberry Harvest
    This fragrance has a lovely fresh smell with a hint of berry that any lover of fruity scents will appreciate. The burning time is 27 hours.

2. Ancient Wisdom Aromatherapy Candles

These candles come in stylish amber glass jars and are presented nicely in a kraft gift box package. They are made from natural vegan soy wax and pure essential oils hand-poured in small batches. The candles fragrances like lavender, geranium, and fennel develop mood-inducing scents and have a burn time of up to 40 hours.

Candles in the line include; Peace, Be Chilled, Creativity, and Clear thinking. Another incredibly exciting candle in the Aromatherapy line is Aphrodisiac that combines patchouli with ylang ylang to give you a mood-boosting fragrance.

3. Enchanted Candles

These are luxury candles that come in jars made with real flowers from their respective scents. They burn with an enchanting glow and are available in rose and lavender flavors. Their beautiful jars come in different shapes; square and bowl-like shapes and can be reused.

4. Agnes + Cat Candles

These divinely scented candles come in beautiful plastic-free packaging with a laser engraved wooden lid covering the jar. The candles make for great gifts and have a long burn time of 35 hours. Some of our favorite clean and fresh fragrances include;

  • Windemere- notes of lemon, aqua, jasmine, vanilla, and white floral.
  • Clementine- notes of apple, lemon, orange blossom, rose, clove, and vanilla.
  • Provence- notes of basil, lavender, nutmeg, amber, patchouli.

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