What Are the Best Toys for 5 Year Olds

Toys for 5 Year Olds

The best toys for 5 year olds are toys that spark their imaginations, engage them, and support their natural learning and development journeys.

Five-year-olds are at a stage in their development where so much is changing. They are getting better at self-regulation and learning, for example, to sit still and listen to a teacher while they are in a classroom. However they still do most of their learning through play, and certainly need plenty of free playtime.

Physically by 5 most children are much more coordinated than they were as toddlers, they are much more in control of their bodies, and better at balance and coordination. Gross motor skills such as skipping, hopping, jumping and balancing on beams at the play park all become much more coordinated in 5 years olds. At the same time, their fine motor skills are also improving as their small muscles become more fine-tuned. They can get dressed and undressed, do up buttons, hold and manipulate a pencil, and get better at using a knife and fork.

Emotionally children are also getting better at understanding and regulating big emotions. Tantrums are still likely to happen over the smallest things but they are also getting better at articulating their feelings. And play can be very important in helping to learn these lessons and integrate the learning.

Socially they are also learning empathy, they recognise when others are sad and want to make sure they are OK. And they are getting better at playing with others and developing skills such as sharing. Choosing toys that support this as well as turn-taking and working together is a great way to support your child’s social and emotional development through play.

At five children are starting to be able to understand and play by rules, so introducing board games can be great at this age and really help with learning concepts such as strategy and problem solving, as well as dealing with the conflicting emotions associated with winning and losing.

Role play and dress up toys for 5 year olds are also perfect at this age. Children are much better able to play independently as they pass the toddler years and will often happily play away from adults with their peers engaging in intricately thought out scenarios and even dealing with minor disagreements without adult intervention.

Some of the Best Toys for 5 Year Olds

With all this in mind some of the best toys for 5-year-olds include:

  • Role Play toys for 5 year olds such as the doctors, vets and hairdressers kits that have lots of props for creative role play. These are also fantastic for teaching children about different professions and how things work. Having a doctors kit for example can be a great way to introduce learning about the body, staying healthy, and how we grow.
  • Puzzles and Games are also great toys for 5-year-olds. They require them to use fine motor skills and engage their brains for problem-solving, turn-taking, strategy and logical thinking.
  • Small World Play is perfect at this age, and while they may already be playing with dolls houses, toy farms, train sets and toy animals you will see the way they play develop and become more involved as they get older.

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