What Are the Best Toys for 7 Year Olds?

Toys for 7 Year Olds

The ideal 7 year old toys should be appropriate for the age group, safe and provide hours of fun. These could be anything from puzzles to sports equipment to art or craft materials that allow for creative expression, dolls that promote nurturing and constructive conflict resolution skills.

The best toys for them also include games that foster cognitive abilities, cause them to think and apply their thinking processes to solve real life problems. These toys should help them improve upon their skills, provide challenges and open various learning opportunities.

Let’s take a look at some of the best toys for 7 year olds.

Bigjigs Codebreaker

The Bigjigs Codebreaker game has a unique challenge: when your turn comes round, you need to guess your opponent's secret four coloured peg combination. But be quick – you only have just ten guesses to crack the code before the pegs are forfeited! You each take turns at guessing and defending your code all the way to victory.

This fantastic board game from Bigjigs is a fun competitive game and highly portable. Your little one can take this with him wherever he goes.

Djeco Dinosaurs Mosaics

Playtime is an artistic activity in which little ones can express their creativity. Assemble a mosaic of dinosaurs from Djeco. This mosaic kit comes with shiny mosaic pieces that your little one can use to complete the two printed dinosaur illustrations. Your little one can open up the prehistoric world of this interactive mosaic kit and use his imagination to lend life to these Dino wonders from days gone by.

Bigjigs Garden Apron

Your young gardener can now join you in your garden without getting her clothes dirty with Bigjigs Garden Apron. This green apron is made from 100% cotton and is the perfect garden accessory for little kids. It features a pocket to hold kids gardening tools and a beautiful ladybird illustration.

Playing outdoors or engaging in outdoor activities like gardening is something you would want to encourage your little one to partake in. Nowadays, most kids spend their time in front of the screens of their electronic devices, so keeping them away from these screens can help a lot in their development.

Tender Leaf Toys Home Kitchen

Tender Leaf Toys Home Kitchen is a great way to introduce young children to the safety and feel of real kitchen appliances in a safe and secure environment. This home-style kitchen is equipped with everything your child needs, including a wooden kitchen, white kettle, cups, plates, utensils in a holder, a tea towel, a bar of soap, a slicing baguette and an oven tray. This home kitchen set also comes with a sink for an extra play space.

Grimms Russian Dolls Pastel

Your little one can open doors to the world of art with these six Grimms Russian Dolls Pastel. Mix up the colourful dolls, fill them with little treasures and pretty things, then watch as your kids mix up the colours and add their own.

When taken apart they reveal a whole new doll within. Part of the fun is taking them apart and mixing up the dolls to see what you get. They are great for little hands that like to experiment with size, shape, colour, texture and matching.


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