What Are the Best Toys for 9 Year Olds?

Toys for 9 Year Olds

There is a difference in what kids can do at 9 years old and what they are physically ready for. These nine-year-old toys help develop fine motor skills, improve their social interaction skills or keep them engaged in something interesting.

While some children may decide to spend less time with their toys after a certain age. But you should continue to introduce your children to toys that will help them with their development. Here are some great toys to consider for children at age 9 years old.

Bigjigs Green Watering Can

The Bigjigs Green Watering Can is designed to be just the right size for small hands. The watering can is made from ecofriendly materials and finished with non-toxic paint. The spout is fixed and it has both top and side handles so that your child can easily handle the watering can in a comfortable manner.

This green watering can from Bigjigs is a good way to encourage your little one to play outdoors, away from screens. Little kids will learn how plants grow and will have a good understanding on where their food comes from.

Grimms Sunset Rainbow 10 Piece

We love wooden toys because they are made from sustainable materials. And one of our favourite wooden toy brands is Grimms. They are popular for their iconic rainbow coloured wooden toys.

Grimms toys are all made to play, learn and grow with your child. This 10 piece wooden toy comes in sunset rainbow colour. This playset is considered an open ended toy, meaning your children can play with them however they like. They can use this playset to build a bridge, a road or a slide for their toy cars.

The wonderful addition of open-ended toys brings about conversation about size, shape and colour. Each piece can be stacked onto another or played as a standalone child's toy.

Bigjigs Sudoku

Bigjigs Sudoku is a portable wooden puzzles game that includes a small tray where your little one can keep the puzzle pieces when he’s not playing.

A Sudoku is a puzzle game, which requires you to fill a grid with numbers 1 through 9. The challenge is that you must do so without repeating numbers in each row, column, and 3x3 square. This game will provide hours of fun for family and friends.

Djeco Jumping Jacks Fairies

A fun craft activity that will help children develop their creativity and imagination, Djeco Jumping Jacks Fairies contains everything your child needs to make 6 beautiful fairies with full instructions provided. Furthermore all of the fairies have been printed onto resistant paper so will maintain their fine detail and can even be added to a display.

Bigjigs Stacking Tower

Children can never grow tired of playing with their wooden Stacking Tower Game , they will enjoy it for years to come! Hours and hours of fun for your children and their friends. Build a stack to the top, then see if you can knock it down. Great for developing motor skills and patience. This makes an ideal gift for young children that love simple yet challenging games.


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