What Are the Best Toys for a 1 Year Old?

What are the best toys for a 1-year-old?

What are the best toys to buy for your 1-year-old?

By a year old your child will definitely be playing with toys, and they are still developing at a rapid rate so they way they play with things and their physical and cognitive development.

So what are the best toys to buy for your one-year-old? And how do you choose toys that they will get value from for an extended period of time?

Bath toys

By a year old bath time can definitely become playtime. It's such a sensory experience anyway that you might find they are happy enough just splashing about, especially if you have bubbles.

Simple bath toys like a set of cups, a little boat that floats and toys that squirt or pour water are perfect. We adore Green Toys which have a great range of bath toys, and all their toys can be used outside or in the bath so they are a great investment. We also love love love the way to play rubber roadway for a bit of alternative bath time fun.

Musical toys for 1 year olds

Noisy electronic toys might not be top of your wish list, but musical toys are great for your toddler's development. Get some percussion instruments and sing together. You might be amazed at how much rhythm they have and how quickly they start to tap or shake along in time with the music.

If electronic toys don't put you off the Just B guitar and piano are a cut above the rest and definitely worth the investment.

Stacking and building toys for 1 year olds

Stacking and building toys are a must for any playroom and now is the perfect time to start your collection. Grimms make some amazing stacking toys that are beautifully tactile and brightly coloured making them perfect for one-year-olds.


Any toy that has been a staple of childhood for as long as dolls have has got to be a winner. Rubens Barn makes the most delightful range of dolls you could wish for. They are perfect for encouraging empathy and make the best playmates for boys and girls.

Playsets for 1 year olds - with people and or animals

Feed their imagination with a playset that links up with something they do or see or you just think they'll love. It could be a farm set, a fire engine and firefighters, a hospital playset, a dolls house or a castle with knights and dragons.

They won't use it for imaginative play right away but they'll love playing with the pieces and the imaginative and creative play will soon come.


Little ones love cars and trains. They can wheel them around the floor which is great for getting them moving, and they'll soon start making the noises.

A puzzle

One might seem young to be doing puzzles, and it is, but a chunky peg puzzle where they fit the pieces into the corresponding hole on the board is great for hand-eye coordination, learning about shapes, problem-solving and building vital neural pathways that they'll need later on.


Not a toy exactly but we couldn't leave books off the list. Books and reading to your children are just so important. And if you want to combine with playtime you can make lovely story sacks using lots of gorgeous toys.

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