What Are the Best Wooden Puzzles for Pre School Children?

In a world full of toys which need batteries and make lots of noise and flashing lights, sometimes it's great for children to play with some old-fashioned puzzle toys, such as jigsaws or wooden puzzles.

Puzzles and jigsaws are great for young children; and we talk through some of the features to look out for when buying, to get the best ones for your child.

Our top 3 must have wooden puzzles for preschool children are:

  1. Tender Leaf Toys Alphabet Pictures
  2. Djeco Farm Observation Puzzle
  3. Tender Leaf Toys Butterfly Life

When choosing puzzles for your child, look for engaging puzzles, ones which have plenty of details which will keep your child engaged for longer. You might find as they develop and improve their skills and notice more details. However, always remember to match the puzzle to your child's ability (or age if unsure of ability), as if presented with a too complex puzzle, children may get frustrated at their inability to progress.

Tender Leaf Toys Alphabet Pictures

This is a great starter wooden puzzle for pre-school children. Clearly it's an introduction to the alphabet, but also animals, colours, shapes. Behind each letter tile are beautiful illustrations which match the 3d letter on the tile. Nice and clear, children can begin to learn how words are sounded out, and as they get older this will help with learning to read, learning to write and so much more. This is an interesting puzzle to initially read with your child; it's full of images that they can identify; it's easy to name the animals, and there are some wonderful illustrations that will help them to identify them. Gill, mother of three-year-old Josh, said: "It's a very good alphabet toy and very good value for money. My son loved playing with it.”

Djeco Farm Observation Puzzle

This detailed puzzle is full of things to look at, and children will enjoy pointing out the different illustrated elements. It's a good size for children as it has quite large pieces, so it's suitable for them from three years old onwards. Jo, one of our mom testers and mother of two, said: "This is such a beautiful and fun puzzle. It's fun, colourful and full of lovely details. "The boys worked on the puzzle together and they really enjoyed it." We had just been to a farm, so they were very interested in all the details, and asked many questions about the animals. They loved finding the images from around the edge in the image” This is part of the Djeco range of observation puzzles, which go from age 2-12 and are our top selling puzzles at Baba Me.

Tender Leaf Toys Butterfly Life

This is a beautiful multi layered puzzle which has 4 puzzles in one, exploring the life cycle from chrysalis to butterfly. The pieces are chunky and perfect for children to grasp, and each layer adds a layer of complexity, whilst encouraging communication, abstract and adaptable thinking and hand-eye coordination. Amy, mother of 1, said her son thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle and they started then talking about nature and life cycles, something they hadn’t considered before.


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