What Are the Different Kinds of Early Learning Toys?

Early learning starts at home. If you are a parent, you do not have to worry about preparing a teaching plan. Children learn through different ways and probably the most common way children learn and develop is through play.

Buying toys that are simple and fun to play while providing developmental value is important to facilitate early learning and maximise a child’s learning potential. Many toys are marketed as developmental and weeding out the best ones can be time consuming and challenging. One thing to keep in mind about early learning toys is that less is more. This means the less a toy does, the more educational value it has. A simple toy inspires imaginative play whereas a toy that does a lot of things limits a child to one play style.

There are different kinds of early learning toys. You can choose toys depending on where your child is in terms of developmental milestones or what lessons you want to teach him. So let’s take a look at the different kinds of early learning toys.

Sorting Toys

Sorting toys have been around for many years and these toys remained popular because of their educational value. There’s the classic shape sorter which is one of the best ways to teach children about basic shapes and there are other varieties of sorting toys. Children can learn different lessons from playing with these toys. Aside from shape recognition, they can also learn more about colours, how to count and basic math.


Puzzles for kids provide a fun and simple challenge. These toys help children develop hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, memory, concentration and problem solving skills. As children pick up, move and put the pieces of the puzzle together they use the muscles in their wrist, hands and fingers. The more children use this small group of muscles, the more they learn how to make precise movements with their hands and fingers. Puzzles are also good for developing problem solving skills. Children face problems every day and having solid problem solving skills will help them get through challenges and problems.

Alphabet Toys

You can make learning the alphabet more fun and exciting for your child with alphabet toys. These toys are designed to maximise learning of the alphabet. Most alphabet toys come in bright colours so you can also use them to teach your children about colours.

Toy Clocks

Toy clocks are also among the most popular early learning toys. These toys have been around for many years and not much has changed in terms of their design. Well, time telling has not changed for a very long time. Some toy makers added more features to toy clocks. For example, Tidlo Sorting & Teaching Clock is a toy clock and at the same time a sorting toy.

Math Toys

There are different kinds of math toys. Numbers and fractions trays are good toys to use as teaching tools about basic numeracy and fractions. There are also toys that teach children how to add and subtract numbers like Bigjigs Add and Subtract Box.


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