What Can I Put in a Christmas Food Hamper

When it comes to Christmas food gifts the opportunities really are endless. You could opt for Christmas classics like mince pies, chocolates, and gingerbread men, you could go for a luxurious hamper of gourmet treats that people wouldn’t buy themselves, or you could opt for a whole bundle of their favourite things.

We’ve put together bundles of goodies including special hampers for people who love chilli, ginger or salted caramel, massive bundles of chocolates, and savoury snack bundles. Or of course you can pick and mix to create your own bespoke hamper for friends, family or co-workers.

Sweet treats

Sweet treats are a great option for hampers for most people especially at Christmas when we all relax the rules a little bit. Some of our favourite sweet treat options include:

  • Hadji Bey’s Turkish delight. A classic traditional sweet that is perfect for a bit of festive indulgence.
  • Chocolate. All the chocolate in every flavour you could wish for as well as lots of vegan options for those who don’t consume dairy.
  • Biscuits and cookies. These are perfect for sharing and ideal for a cuppa and a Christmas catch up. Even if that has to happen online this year.
  • Bear fruit snacks. These are perfect to include for little ones so they don’t feel left out. And there are some great healthy sweet treat options available for adults as well.
  • Fudge. This is a popular choice and always feels like a treat whether you buy it on a trip to the seaside or make it for christmas.

Savoury snacks

Adding a few savoury snacks is always a winner, and for many people they prefer savoury to sweet so you might opt for a completely savoury selection. There are loads of crisps, nuts, olives, cheese biscuits and biscuits for cheese to choose from with healthy and more indulgent options.

Perfect for festive nibbles and drinks evenings or pre dinner snacks.

Something to drink

Once you have the food part sorted you could consider adding something to drink. Tea and coffee are great options for most people or cans of natural soft drinks if you are making your hamper for children or families.

And of course you could always add a bottle of their favourite tipple.

Non-food extras

Although the focus of a food hamper will obviously be food there’s no reason you can’t include a couple of non-food items that can be kept for longer than the perishable items will last.

We highly recommend any of the reusable cups depending on their needs and style, a stainless steel water bottle or a set of reusable straws that are perfect for enjoying pretty much any tipple. Or for a different take, a pair of cosy socks, a candle or a cuddly throw goes very well with a hot chocolate shot as a little invitation to slow down, curl up and just spend a bit of time relaxing.


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