What Can You Do With a Toddler Balance Board

If you are asking what can you do with a toddler balance board then you are evidently not a toddler. But we do get that it’s the grown-ups that are making the purchase and it might not be immediately obvious to a grown-up why you would want or need a curved piece of wood.

Balance Boards for Building Strength and Stability

Balance boards are not just kids toys. They are also used by professional athletes as well as physiotherapists and personal trainers and they are brilliant for at-home exercise for adults as well as kids.

The act of balancing, whether it’s on a balance board or walking along a wall is great for building core strength and stability as well as improving balance and coordination. Using a balance board is also great for building lower body strength and building gross motor skills all within the comfort of your own home.

Being able to get kids active and keep them moving even when they can’t be outside running around is also great for improving their fitness and also helping them concentrate and integrate learning.

We often find that children will end up rocking on their balance board while they are watching TV or listening to music. And in fact, for many children, the act of rocking can be relaxing and therapeutic helping them to concentrate.

Oh and if you turn it upside down you can use it as a step for a bit of aerobics or prop it up on the sofa and use it as a slide.

Other Things You Can Do With a Balance Board

Really the possibilities are endless. As with all the best open-ended toys the only real limit is your imagination, and toddlers have great imaginations. Some of the ways we have seen wobbel boards played with include:

  • Using it as a boat to row across the ocean or down the river. A Wobbel is also great for playing row row row the boat with little ones, and if you have the standard or XL you can easily get two little ones on together which offers a really brilliant way to build their coordination.
  • Using it as a step to reach things that are too high. Kids can use their wobbel as a step to help them wash their hands, get involved with the cooking or reach things that are a bit too high.
  • Using it as a chair. Wobbel boards make great little stools when they are turned upside down or fab rocking chairs when they are the right way up. You can even make a cosy cover for your board or just furnish it with a pillow and a blanket to make the comfiest chair for reading or watching TV.
  • Used alongside other toys in creative and imaginative play. A wobbel makes a great bridge for cars and trains, a wonderful hill or mountain in small world play, a great wall for a fort, and a fab base for building with blocks and stacking toys.

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