What Can You Play Instead of Monopoly?

Like most children, you probably grew up playing Monopoly at Christmas, and when you think of playing board games with your family, this springs to mind first. However, you may also remember the tantrums and fights. World War III erupted in our house whenever it was brought out, not to mention it seemed to go on and on and on and on.

There are MUCH better games out there for families. In order for a board game to be a good family it needs to do a few things:

  • Be suitable for all ages.
  • Engage everyone, until the end. Remember Monopoly is super dull if you are losing.
  • Games should be fun and educational and whilst I will admit that monopoly does teach children a lot about strategy, maths skills, and even life skills, there are much better games that do this in a much better way.


Chess is a fantastic strategy game and whilst helping you develop problem-solving skills. In every chess game, you face challenges and problems which you have to solve before you can play your very best game. It is a good way to think things through and to plan things out.

Four in A Row

I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of four in a row, and can be slightly over competitive whilst playing it. This is a great game for kids and adults alike. It's a great way to practice problem solving and critical thinking skills. It's a great way to pass the time on a rainy day and can be great fun! Whilst this game can be simple enough, you do have to keep an eye on your craft opponents and yes I do mean me!

Stacking Donkey

A modern version of buckaroo. This will keep your toddlers occupied for ages, as they can copy the picture on the box, and have great fun playing the balancing game too. It’s like a really classy version of buckaroo if anyone remembers that?! The pieces are small and really good for fine motor skills. When the donkey bucks, it's hilarious!


Have fun trying to break this code with this strategy and intelligent thinking game. 1 player chooses a 4-peg combination and the other player guesses 10 options.

  • Can be played with different rules to make the game more difficult.
  • A good way to teach children strategic thinking is through games.
  • The perfect travel toy.

Stacking Tower

This colorful stacking tower game is a lot of fun to build and watch it come crashing down. Build the tower, then take turns carefully removing one block at a time.

  • Remove any block you like or let the dice decide.
  • A great game for the whole family to play together.
  • Helps develop the ability to recognize colors.

All of the above games will help younger children and you won’t be reduced to boredom or tears like monopoly can inflict on so many families! So this Christmas, refresh your board games and have fun!


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