What Can You Send Someone for Christmas

If you are trying to think about how Christmas might be different this year one of the things you might be considering is sending gifts in the post that you would usually deliver in person. And as no-one knows quite what the situation will be by the Christmas holidays many people are thinking ahead and trying to get their Christmas gifts sorted as early as possible this year.

If you are wondering what you can send someone this christmas the good news is that really the options are endless. Christmas food gifts, eco-friendly hampers, handmade soaps and candles or toys and games are all available. And the even better news is you can still support small local businesses whether they are physically local to you or not.

At Baba Me we understand that many people will be doing Christmas a little differently this year. So if you aren’t able to see all the people you would normally visit you can send them a little (or big) something instead. And we’ll even hand write a card for you so you can still make it as personal as possible.

Christmas Food Gifts

Foodie gifts are a great option as they can be tailored to suit all tastes and budgets and are a fabulous option for families. If you would normally take someone out for lunch or have them over for dinner during the festive season why not send them a few foodie treats to enjoy.

We’ve put together some great bundle gifts to give you ideas or you could make your own bundle so you know it’s just perfect for whomever you are sending it to. You can then choose to have it shipped to you and you can wrap it beautifully and add any little additions such as a nice bottle of wine. Or choose a gift card and we can hand write your message and post if to them directly.

And if you like the idea of them having something that will last a bit longer why not include a reusable cup to go with their tea and biscuits or hot chocolate shots. Or some reusable snack bags or food wraps that can help them keep food fresh year round.

Surprise Gifts

If you’ve run out of brain power and just can’t think what to buy someone fear not. We get that choosing presents can be hard, especially when you can’t see and feel the products. So we’ve come up with a great solution.

You decide who much you want to spend and tell us who you are buying for, making sure you give a few useful hints like they are very eco-minded, they don’t have a bath, or they love chocolate but hate sweets, and we’ll do the rest.

We will pick you gifts, package them up and send them to your recipient and you don’t have to think any more about it. Perfect for secret santa gifts or relatives you don’t often see.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

If you would like to make your Christmas a little lighter on the planet this year how about sending someone a more eco-friendly gift. You could send a reusable water bottle or coffee cup to replace plastic bottles and takeaway cup or an eco-friendly washing up kit to replace bottles of liquid and throw away sponges.

There are lots of great products for eco-friendly bathroom swaps as well including solid shampoo bars, plastic free natural deodorants, bamboo toothbrushes and reusable safety razors that are designed to last a life time rather than a week.


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