What Can Your Kids Do With Magnetic Boards?

Magnetic Drawing Boards

Magnetic boards are good early learning tools. These boards provide children a reusable way to create stories, draw pictures and practice their writing skills. There is also a unique sensory benefit created by the magnetic attraction of the pieces that can help young minds focus.

Most of these boards are portable. This means your child can bring them wherever they go. You can also place them in the child 's bedroom to get them started in the habit of making up stories when they have time or before going to bed. Or in your child 's playroom so that he and his friends can tell stories to each other during their play session.

Here’s a few things your children can do with their magnetic drawing board

Imaginative play

Magnetic boards can be used for imaginative play. Imaginative play is a form of play that encourages children to play using their imagination and they 're not bound to any rules. It 's when they 're able to create stories and act them out with all sorts of characters from animals, to dolls, to even the family dog.

Imaginative play is a really important developmental stage. It also doesn 't often get the attention it deserves as it tends to get overshadowed by the talking and walking stages of development.

Imaginative play also provides children with a safe play environment to explore new ideas and practice new skills and interactions they picked up. This can affect anything from problem solving skills to decision making.


Children love stories. They listen intently when you tell bedtime stories and as soon as they learn how to speak, they tell stories of their own.

Magnetic boards that accommodate and promote storytelling are good props or tools for your children, especially if they are interested or have developed a flair for storytelling.

Storytelling helps children improve their communication and language skills. As they pick up new words and expand their vocabulary, they need an activity or environment where they can use and practice using these newly learned words.

Additionally, as children create their own stories they also learn more about the world around. They can explore different values and experiment with different interactions. They'll also have the freedom to express their thoughts and communicate their feelings freely.


Drawing is fun, and it is a great way to help children develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. As children learn how to draw, they will also learn to control their fingers, wrist and hands and make coordinated movements with their eyes. All types of drawings make your child use their hands for drawing different shapes, lines and textures.

Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination are a set of skills that allow children to do simple actions like buttoning, tying shoelaces or using utensils for eating.


Magnetic boards, specifically those that come with a pen, are good for practicing writing skills. As your children learn how to read and write, they need to practice their writing skills. Many of these boards are designed with portability in mind, this means your little one can practice his writing skills wherever he goes.


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