What Do 12 Year Olds Want to Play

Children learn through play. No matter their age they can benefit from any play session. Even if a 12 year old plays different toys than when she was younger, she can still benefit from playing with the right toys.

Remember that at this age, most children are going through a lot of changes. So stay connected with your child and learn about her by keeping communications open.

Organised Sports

Most children at the age of 12 are starting to develop physically, socially and emotionally. They begin to vastly improve their skills in sports and they’re more likely to belong to a group of like-minded children.

So your child might be a member of a basketball team or dance troupe. This will prepare your child to operate within a group and will teach her about working as a team. Most jobs require some kind of teamwork and it’s good to have children experience this kind of environment while they’re young.

Being active in sports is a good thing. It will help children further develop their skills and their physical abilities. It also helps them find their love for the sport which is good for their overall health.


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. It’s a kind of learning that emphasises scientific and math concepts. Additionally, STEM learning also promotes learning of other skills like analytical thinking and problem solving.

Many economies around the world are dependent on innovation and technology. This is the reason why many countries are advocating STEM learning to be taught in schools.

Fortunately, there are many toys that incorporate STEM learning. This is great because your child can continue his STEM learning even if he’s at home.

Artistic and Creative Play

At age 12, many children are more sure about what they like and what interests them. Many of them will develop an interest in arts and crafts if they haven’t already. Whether it’s only a hobby or your child is really into arts and creative play, it’s good to develop these skills at an early age.

Artistic and creative activities are good bonding moments for both you and your child. Both you and your child can learn how to play a musical instrument or do art projects together.

You can also encourage your child to start his own project. And remember to give him compliments when he finishes a project to boost his confidence and build his self-esteem.

Real Life Learning

Age 12 is also the perfect time to teach your child real life skills. If your child frequently role plays as a chef when she is younger, you can probably prepare her favourite meal together. Or if you have shed, you can start teaching your child about the basics of woodworking and do some projects together.

You can also encourage your child to take up gardening. Gardening is a good and inexpensive way to keep her away from the front of the screen and let her enjoy nature and the outdoors.


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