What Do 8 Year Olds Like to Play?


Play is an important part of childhood. It’s how children discover their abilities, interests, likes and dislikes. It encourages children to solve problems on their own while discovering their creative sides - which can lead them to develop a passion for problem solving or become an inventor one day. It also helps them learn to build confidence, develop independence, understand emotions and solve problems. They learn about social situations by taking on roles and pretending

At age 8, a child likely has an increased attention span, and therefore they can handle more responsibility. Games that require organization, simple strategy, and planning are good go-to options for 8 year old kids.

Learning more about 8 year old kids and how you can help them cope with the stress of growing up is essential to their well-being. As your children reach their tween years, they are going through significant changes. Not only do they want more responsibility but they also have specific needs that must be met for them to be happy and content.

Have them help you in the garden

Growing a garden is a rewarding experience for children, but it involves added responsibility. Getting back to nature in the form of a garden filled with living things is an experience that educators have long known could be good for young minds. There are many educational benefits that children who garden can take away.

Outdoor Play

There is one thing for sure when it comes to kids, they have plenty of energy. One of the best ways to drain their energy is to get them outside and play. The problem is getting them to go outside is hard. No matter the temperature, the couch has seemed more appealing than playing outdoors. Outdoor play has various health benefits but it also helps kids learn important social skills and gives them an outlet to be creative. It can also help improve their cognitive skills which are essential for school success.

Board Games and Brain Teasers

Board games and brain teasers have long been a favorite pastime of kids. It is important to find ideas that can help them play and learn at the same time. Whether you are looking for a long game that is perfect for a family or something quick and easy to keep the children occupied, board games and brain teasers are good pastime activity for the entire family.

Encourage your child to learn a new hobby

Learn about what your child likes and dislikes and recommend a hobby from there. Have a conversation with your child about picking up a hobby but never be pushy. Let your child decide what hobby he likes to learn and support him because hobbies are good for learning and development.

Imaginative Play

Imaginative play is one of the most significant activities that stimulate the brains of children within the early learning years. It is a creative means for kids to make sense of their environment. They learn about relationships, feelings, and ideas by constructing imaginary realities from their own point of view rather than from someone else’s, such as adults.

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