What Do I Need for Reusable Nappies?

So you have made the decision to ditch the disposables and start your cloth nappy journey, well done! Remember at every step of the way we are here to help and advise so if you have any queries, just contact us either on our facebook group or via the contact us page and we will be delighted to help you!

Once you have worked out how many cloth nappies you need (see our article on this, it's based on age of child, how often you change, your drying facilities and the type of nappies you buy) - usually this is about 20 nappies and 3 night nappies what else do you actually need to get up and running. For the sake of ease, this article assumes full time cloth nappy use so just adjust accordingly if only using part time.

For the house:

  1. A nappy bucket or wetbag to store your dirty nappies. If using a nappy bucket you will also need a mesh bag to line it. Whether you choose a bucket or a wetbag is a personal choice. Personally I would go for a wetbag because it's easier, takes up less room and is less work. If you go for a bucket you also need a mesh bag to line it and at each nappy wash you will need to clean out your bucket. Trust me, after doing this for 2 children you soon get fed up with that job! Whereas with a large nappy wet bag, just throw it in with your nappies and you are done!

  2. A travel wetbag to store your dirty nappies when out and about. The size of this depends on the occasion but if for nursery etc one that holds 5-6 is ideal. For most day care it's ideal to have 2 on the go, one with clean nappies and one to hold the dirty nappies. For just quick trips out a bag which holds 1-2 is ideal.

  3. Washable wipes. If you are using cloth nappies, it makes complete sense to also use washable wipes. About 20 is ideal but again, this depends on their size and how you use them. My husband could you 20 in one change… so bear this in mind. Ones with a terry side work best as cleaners I have found.

  4. A storage container for your washable wipes. I used a disposable brand container and just stored my wipes in it.

  5. Boosters. These probably won’t be required for younger children but as they get older and eat/drink more booster will help ‘boost’ your nappy and make it last longer. Hemp are best, followed by bamboo.

  6. Liners. Depending on the type of nappy you have chosen you may need a stay dry liner. All in ones and pocket nappies are often lined so this may not be needed, check the type of nappy first.

You may also consider nappy changing mats and storage for your nappies, but these are entirely personal choices.

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