What Do Men Really Want for Christmas?

Gifts for your man this Christmas

Unlike women, men don’t sneak hints in conversations on what they want you to get them for Christmas. This scenario makes it hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for him since he never really seems to want or need anything. Nonetheless, he does want something- it is just that he is yet to realize that he wants it, or what it is. Here are suggestions from Baba Me’s hand sourced Christmas gifts as to what it may be.

1. Grooming Gifts

If he has a beard, he probably wants a beard care bundle. Our range of beard care products from Norse and Benecos will definitely fill his face with delight when he unwraps your gift that Christmas morning. Get him Trevano’s organic Sandalwood and Bergamot beard oil and watch his face and beard glow all year long. A stylish Big Green beard kit will also make him look forward to Christmas every year.

That doesn’t mean beardless men do not get grooming kits. If he likes to keep it spotless, our excellent selection of shaving sets and safety razors will help him maintain that smooth face for as long as he wishes. Shaving soaps are also in our gift ideas, and the excellent line of Norse shaving soaps are excellent ideas.

Contrary to popular opinion, men also care about their hair. He probably wants a shampoo to keep his air clean and sparkling throughout. A product like PHB’s clarifying and SLS free shampoo will thoroughly cleanse his air and scalp.

2. Sweet Gifts

Men who love chocolate will want a special bar this holiday season. We have a range of exceptional options that will excite his taste buds this holiday. From Chocca Mocca, Willie’s Cacao, and Monty Bojangles, these excellent brands are what he needs to make his holiday special.

Sweet gifts are not only limited to chocolate. If taste motivates him, there is Ahla’s Pomegranate Turkish delight that will leave him with the exquisite taste of the holiday all year long.

3. Outdoor clothes

If he’s an outgoing person, a cozy hand-knit jumper if probably on his mind. In that case, a jumper from lifestyle brand Pachamama will make an excellent gift for him. He also wants to keep warm during his many outdoor excursions, so the Pachamama Chamonix Merino Handwarmer will be a great addition.

It is cold during the holidays so he probably wants a hat for those winter walks. Consider the seasonal pudding hat or Christmas Noel for that perfect gift.

4. Socks

It might sound simple, but a man will always want an extra pair of socks. A lovely pair of socks from Bamboo will indeed warm his heart as much as they will his legs.

5. Water Bottles

A water bottle is something every man wants to help him navigate everyday life. FOSH (For Our Sea’s) water bottles will fulfil his wish. The bottles are functional and stylish, and eco-friendly. Top up the water bottle gift with a coffee flask, and this will surely warm his heart.

These are just a few of the Christmas gift ideas Baba Me thinks the man in your life may want for Christmas.


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