What Do New Mums Really Want?


If someone you know has recently had a baby you might be feeling that you would like to get them or their baby a gift and of course, if you are buying a gift then it’s nice to think that you will be giving them something they really want.

If you are close to the person then the best thing to do is probably to ask them. It might be that they have something very specific in mind that they would like, such as money to buy a new freezer or washing machine, or bits to decorate the nursery. Or it might be that they have all the things they need but would really appreciate someone to take the baby for an hour once a week while they wash their hair, babysitting for older siblings or meals for the freezer.

If you ask most new mum’s what they really want, sleep tends to be pretty high on the list. And while you might not be able to give that. You may be able to give them a couple of hours during the day to catch up on sleep by arranging help with chores or baby sitting.


When you ask mums what their best gifts were when they had a new baby you’ll get lots of different answers but treats seem to crop up often and be fairly high on the list.

Champagne could be a great gift unless you know they don’t. They’ve not been able to drink for 9 months and becoming a mum is definitely worth a celebration. And while not all new mums will want to drink, having a nice bottle of bubbles in the cupboard to celebrate when they are ready can be lovely.

Chocolate and cake are also pretty high on the list of what mum really wants. Sweet treats are pretty much essential for getting through the night feeds and giving you a little boost when you need it most. We recommend adding in a few healthy sweet treats as well to keep mum nourished.


If you are not sure what to buy vouchers are a great option as they can choose to spend them on things they really need. You might not think you want to buy a reusable nappy or a set of reusable wipes or muslins but this might be just what she needs.

Equally you might be thinking about buying a gorgeous candle and bath salts when what she really needs is a nice hand cream and an unscented deodorant.

Sometimes it’s the practical rather than the pretty that we want and vouchers are a great way of allowing for that.


Sometimes what new mums really need is just to know that you are there to offer help and support. It can be hard to ask for help as a new mum and yet there is no instruction manual that comes with a new baby.

Being given the chance to wash your hair, or having someone there to make you a cup of tea and listen while you talk can be vital to new mums. Again it comes back to the fact that all of us are different and so are the things we really need.

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