What Do Teachers Really Want for Gifts at Christmas?

We have a confession to make - we often get as stuck as you when it comes to buying the perfect Christmas gift for teachers.. So we cheated and asked them! If you are in our Facebook group you know we have nearly 30,000 parents and many of them are teachers or work in schools, so who better to ask than teachers themselves.

After conducting a very unscientific research poll (we openly admit, our research would not cut the mustard at any research institute, but hey, yanno… it worked), we basically asked our teacher parents what they would really like. The answers were quite surprising!

RP told us: “Wine.....wine wine wine or a nice picture drawn by your child”. What are our little angels putting our teachers through! Mind you.. If I had to teach 30 little…. Angels like my children, I would need copious amounts of alcohol as well!

Sinead gave us a very useful list in order as the perfect Christmas gift for teachers:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Travel cup
  3. Hand cream
  4. Coffee
  5. A water bottle

Shauna agreed with this list adding “nice scarves gloves especially if they are on outside duty with Insulated cups and hand cream as we use loads!”

Kirsty (a school technician) was a lot more honest in her answers, “Too much chocolate so they pass it onto the technicians”. A tongue in cheek comment but it's always good to remember that it's not just the classroom teacher who helps your child at school! Whilst we don’t recommend getting everybody in the building an individual present, tins of chocolates and biscuits always go down very well in the staff room! Indeed, Samantha told us “I always do a hamper, tea, coffee, biscuits and ask them to put in the staff room for everyone to share” This was backed up by many of our teachers who said, “a nice hamper of coffee, tea, biscuits etc. for the staff room x”

Homemade cards are always popular. Eliza told us “I love receiving nice cards! But wine is always a nice touch.” Keira backed this up with her comments saying, “Cards and a drawn picture by the child are the best! But if a parent wants to buy then:

  • Candles/diffusers
  • Chocolate/biscuits
  • Gift vouchers are fab £5 for local coffee shop etc

Christmas decorations”. Jessica also gave us some practical suggestions, with “Book vouchers! Primary teachers, at least, can always think of new books for the classroom.”

A common theme from lots of our teachers was never forget the teachers assistants! Kirsty said “As a teaching assistants daughter I say please remember them too they work so hard” and Leah agreed with”I was once a teaching assistant and they are definitely underestimated. They work so so hard!” Something to bear in mind!

We hope this very in depth, award winning research (aka a question in our Facebook group) has helped in your quest to find the perfect gift this Christmas!


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