What Do You Buy a Vegan for Their Birthday?


Birthdays are the perfect time to show how much you care about someone and how much you value them in your life. There is nothing more special than spending a day with family and friends, all of whom want to make this special occasion even more memorable. You can already predict that it will be a fun-filled day so why not make things easier for you.Whether you are looking for a gift for a vegan friend or trying to make things easier for yourself, we have got you covered. These vegan birthday gifts can save you a lot of time when looking for an appropriate present.

What are vegan-friendly products?

Vegan-friendly products or more commonly known as vegan products are everywhere nowadays. If you're not familiar, a vegan is someone whose lifestyle and consumption choices are non-violent towards animals. This means that vegans avoid eating or using products that are coming from animals or were tested on animals.

Veganism is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s a moral stance of living without being violent towards animals. Aside from vegans, more people who are either trying to live a healthy lifestyle by reducing their consumption of meat and dairy, or simply curious about this topic are becoming interested in vegan-friendly products.

You will be surprised that many of the products you use everyday have been tested on animals. If they are not cruelty-free, these products were probably tested on animals. Even if they weren’t, they may contain ingredients from animals. For example, many beauty products have been tested on animals. These products contain the chemical lanolin which is an animal based wax. Any product that contains lanolin is absolutely not vegan-friendly.

Personal Skin Care

Finding personal care products for vegans used to be difficult. Stores would either have a limited selection or none at all. Ingredients are listed in a long list on the back of the products, and they can sometimes be difficult to understand. You often need to search these ingredients on Google to get an understanding of what ingredients are used. The simplest way to do it is by checking the list of ingredients against this vegan-friendly ingredient list on some of reputable vegan websites.

Today, that has changed completely and you’ll find shelves filled with fantastic cruelty-free and plant based skin care and bath essentials at your local department store.

With veganism on the rise, more and more people are skipping the by-products of animal testing and cruelty. More people are choosing to use personal care products that are made without using any animal by-products and instead use cruelty-free ingredients.

Clothing Items

Clothing items for vegans can be a challenge since not all are plant-based or cruelty-free. You can always go for clothing items made from organic cotton. However this is still a tough one since the cotton may have been sprayed with toxic chemicals. Most of the time, this means that natural fibers - such as hemp, bamboo and so on - are your best bet. If you don't mind spending a little more money, vegan shoes can be an option too.

When it comes to belts, the first thing that comes to mind are leather belts. Fortunately, there are many belts that are vegan-friendly and are not made from animal skin. Most of these vegan-friendly belts are made from faux leather, nylon and aluminium.


Everyone loves to receive a gift, but when it comes to friends of different taste buds, buying the perfect present can be a whole lot trickier. With vegan friends, the task might be even more complicated. You can always count on food as a great choice when it comes to buying gifts for birthdays. People are celebrating something with the intention of eating and drinking, so why not make the celebration a bit more special with specially chosen (and handmade) vegan-friendly food gifts?

When buying a food gift for your vegan friend or family member, make sure they do not contain gluten, dairy products or any ingredients that come from animals. If your friend is a huge chocolate lover, buy a chocolate bar that says vegan friendly on the packaging. And if you want to go one step further, look for chocolate bars that are not only vegan friendly but also ethical and fairtrade.

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