What Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Ladies Should I Buy

Christmas is just around the corner and many of us are preparing gifts for our families, friends and work colleagues. Most of us are excited about gift giving but others dread the thought of excessive gift wrapping, packaging and the environmental wastes that come along with the holiday season. Worry not because we have a few eco friendly Christmas gifts for her that will show how much you care for her and the environment.

Some of us find it difficult to find the perfect Christmas gift for the women we love. That is not to say that these women are picky when it comes to gifts. We just want the best for them and we are overwhelmed with the choices in front of us. Maybe we are just making things difficult for us because women always have a soft spot and nurturing side. This is the reason why buying a Christmas gift for her should not be hard. Any Christmas gift could potentially make her smile from ear to ear. And while you are at it, you can also show how much you care about the environment by choosing gifts that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Here are a few eco-friendly gift ideas for ladies that are perfect this holiday season.

Personal Care Products

Most women love to keep their skin healthy and radiant. So pampering your lady with natural personal care products is definitely a good idea. There is a wide range of natural soap, shampoo bars, vegan perfumes and bath fizzers. If you have enough money in your gift budget, you can mix and match and make your own Christmas gift hamper filled with natural personal care products.

We have a wide range of natural personal care products including bath salts and fizzers from Agnes + Cat as well as bath melts from Wild Olive. If you do not have any idea what to give you girl this Christmas, Agnes & Cat Bath Fizzer Gift Box is a good option to start.

Reusable Water Bottles & Coffee Cups

Some women have active lifestyles and they work out regularly or enjoy the outdoors. A reusable water bottle is one of the best gifts for them. Instead of drinking from plastic water bottles which by the way is not good for our health because plastic leaches toxic chemicals like BPA to our water and these water bottles are definitely not good for our environment, they can keep their bodies hydrated while on the go from a safe water bottle.

Reusable coffee cups like Chilly’s is another fantastic gift. Most of us love our coffee in the morning but if we are commuting to work many of us just skip making at home and buy coffee at the nearest coffee shop when we arrive at work. This is not always a good thing because disposable coffee cups are bad for our health and believe it or not even though they are called paper cups they are partially made of plastic.


Everybody loves to eat chocolates and other goodies during the holiday season. There are many ethically-made chocolate bars available and we definitely recommend trying Tony’s Chocolonely or Gnaw Chocolate if you have not already. They make for wonderful Christmas gifts because they are delectable and come in minimal packaging.


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