What Games Do 4 Year Olds Like to Play?


Finding new fun games to play with children is always great, especially if you are keen to give them time away from screens.

We take a look at some of the types of games that kids at age 4 love to play either independently or with others and give you a few tips for keeping them entertained.

Board Games

Board games are a great way to interact with your 4 year old and have some fun with them while they learn. There are lots of board games that are great for this age as they are just getting to the stage where they can concentrate for a bit longer and are able to understand the rules of basic games.

Board games are great for teaching children about taking turns learning the basics of strategy and decision making and building up their resilience to dealing with the disappointment of losing which can be a real challenge for some children.

Games that involve chance are also a great leveller if you have different ages playing together as the role of the dice is just that.

Some great board games for this age include snakes and ladders, ludo, dominos and noughts and crosses.

Memory games and simple card games are also great at this age as they are not only a fun way to pass the time but a great way to stimulate their brains and get them learning as well.

Active Games to Play Together

Sitting down and playing board games is great but sometimes kids need something a bit more active to keep them engaged.

Hide and seek is a great game at this age whether you are indoors or outdoors. And it works no matter how many or how few children you are playing with. Just be prepared to spend a fair bit of time hiding as well as seeking.

Simon Says is another classic game that kids love and again it’s a fun one to play with a group of kids.

Or why not have a scavenger hunt. Pick an item that they have to find, a teddy, a pencil, an item of food etc and add a bonus point if they can find it in a certain colour or with some other characteristic, such as a small ball or a big shoe or an old umbrella. This even works via video call so if you are connecting kids online it’s a nice way they can play together even when they are not physically in the same space.

Role Play and Make Believe

Kids love role play and make believe games at this age and there are some amazing toys available to inspire their imaginations and get the games started. We love the doctors, vets and other role play kits or making sure you have a good fancy dress box.

This is also another great way for children to learn through play as they think about the different roles and how other people might think, speak, act or feel in different situations.

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