What Ingredients Should You Avoid in Toothpaste?

ingredients to avoid in toothpaste

Today, without giving too much thought, we all use toothpaste because we’ve always used it. But why is there a need to look for natural toothpaste and not just any other toothpaste? Popular brands of toothpaste today contain ingredients that are considered harmful of which can be a cause of concern if you are using the same regularly.

Natural toothpastes on the other hand do the job of cleaning your teeth just the same but without the harmful and nasty chemicals. They’re made using natural ingredients that are considered safe for use for oral hygiene.

Here’s 5 of the most common ingredients found in regular toothpastes and the reason why you should consider avoiding them.


Fluoride is a chemical compound added to most regular toothpaste. It helps strengthen tooth enamel and slows down tooth decay. Additionally helps prevent bacterial growth in the mouth.

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Many studies have shown that the amount of fluoride in toothpastes is generally harmless. However, too much of it can lead to a condition called fluorosis. Fluorosis is a staining of the teeth that usually appears dark brown.

People affected by fluorosis were exposed to high amounts of fluoride either through the use of oral care products or drinking water from fluoride filled water drinking sources or both.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to get rid of fluoride from your oral care routine. You can do further research on the subject or talk to your dentists about it.

If you decide to stay away from fluoride, you’d be happy to know that many natural toothpaste are fluoride free. And they’re just as effective at giving you those pearly whites as regular toothpastes.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS

Sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS is a synthetic chemical added to many personal care products like soap. It’s a surfactant that helps these products produce foam or lather. It’s easy to produce so many manufacturers use it for their personal care products.

While there’s no conclusive proof of SLS’ long term effects on our health, it’s a known irritant. It causes irritation of soft issues in the mouth which could lead to mouth sores or canker sores.

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Triclosan is a synthetic chemical added to various personal care and cosmetics products. It can also be found in many pesticides. It’s known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

There are many ongoing studies on the effects of triclosan on our health. It has been suggested by various experts that triclosan disrupts hormonal balance and could cause antibiotic resistance to some people.

Propylene Glycol

Like many ingredients in this list, propylene glycol is found in many products like toothpaste, skin care products, cosmetics and antifreeze. It is primarily used in toothpaste as a preservative to prolong its shelf life. When taken in large quantities it could cause serious damage to the liver, central nervous system and heart.

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Just like propylene glycol, parabens are added to a lot of cosmetics and personal care products as a preservative. It’s considered as a hormone disruptor and has been linked to various health conditions.

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