What is a Christmas eve box

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

Christmas traditions vary between families and there are plenty of emerging traditions that you’d probably never heard of as a child. So if the idea of a Christmas Eve Box has started to pop up on your radar you might be wondering if this is something that would be fun to get on board with or another elf on the shelf style game that you’ll quickly wish you had never started?

The basic premise is that its a box of treats and activities that are a nice way to start the festive fun early on Christmas eve. With some people thinking it comes from the German tradition of opening presents on Christmas eve.

You might buy things especially for the Christmas eve box or it could just be a nice way of presenting things you would be buying or doing anyway like a movie and hot chocolate or your Christmas stockings and treats for the reindeer.

Although this is not a tradition that has been around for long it can be a great way to fill a natural lull the night before Christmas, give in to a bit of the excitement and anticipation of Christmas day, and occupy the kids while you’re handling those last-minute preparations. So there are plenty of reasons you might want to make it a tradition.

Like anything else a Christmas Eve Box is what you make it. And you can be as simple or extravagant as you wish. And to be honest it doesn’t even have to be a box. You can buy special Christmas eve boxes all over the place from high street stores to online retailers and craft fairs. But a simple cardboard box will do, especially if you wrap it in festive paper or give it a bit of decoration.

Even having an actual box is not essential. A basket, crate, pillowcase or bag would work just as well. That Christmas biscuit tin you were given last year and saved because it was too nice to throw away or the cardboard Christmas tree that had chocolates in could easily just have found a new use.

Who gets a Christmas Eve Box?

Who gets a Christmas Eve Box is also completely up to you. Primarily they are given to Children but they can be made for anyone you choose. You could send one to Granny, make one for your spouse, or give one to grown-up children you might not be spending the day with.

As it’s essentially just a nice way to add a bit of ceremony to Christmas eve there are no hard and fast rules. If you want to give one to your best friend go for it. And there’s no reason you need one per person either. You can easily have a bigger box with things for the whole family.

What’s inside your Christmas eve box will vary depending on who you are giving it to and the contents will probably change year on year especially as children are growing up. But if the tradition takes hold there’ll more than likely be things you include year on year that you kids will end up doing for their own children one day.

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