What Is a Good Gift for a 4 Year Old?


Toys for 4-year-olds are pretty wide-ranging and there are thousands of options available but it can be hard to know which toys or other items will actually make good gifts that will be loved and appreciated and which will just end up in the back of the cupboard or the bottom of the toy box only to end up in the bin, or of they are lucky the charity shop in a few months time.

Open ended toys that can be played with in a multitude of different ways are a great gift for children of all ages. And at 4 you can find some amazing options that will be loved and played with in different ways as they get older. So there’s less chance of them getting bored with their gift in a few days.

Educational Gifts

Educational gifts are a good option at this age where although the majority of their learning is still happening through play they will be starting to engage with more formal learning and will start school before their next birthday.

Some great educational toys include simple arithmetic toys, a learning clock or calendar to start learning about the weather, the seasons and the days of the week as well as getting an idea of how to tell the time, or toys that help build their literacy skills.

Role Play Toys

Role play toys are perfect for 4-year-olds as they started to play in a more in-depth and narrative way at this age. Good options for role-playing toys for 4-year-olds include the doctors and other occupational kits.

There are also lots of great gift options linked to food. A play kitchen is a great gift of course, but there are also lots of kitchen, cafe and shop accessories that are always well-loved by children of this age.

Creative Gifts

By the age of 4 children are also able to really start appreciating more creative and artists gifts and often love painting or drawing, playing with dough, making things and anything that involves scissors and glue.

Djeco make a fabulous range of creative and artistic gifts for kids of all ages that are all beautifully designed and perfect for sparking their imaginations.

Wooden Toys

We love wooden toys at Baba Me. And while we do stock a limited number of plastic toys from ethical brands most of the toys we sell are wooden. Wooden toys are not only better for the planet but they encourage children to play in a different way. They are more tactile, warmer to touch, and generally simpler allowing children to add their own detail from their imaginations.

We have a huge range of wooden animals that make perfect gifts for 4 years olds. You could choose to start a collection of Holztiger or Ostheimer wooden animals or opt for the simpler and cheaper Tender Leaf animals.

Either way, picking a selection of animals makes a great gift for a 4-year-old that is bound to be appreciated by parents as well.

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