What Is a Good Gift to Give a Teacher for Christmas?

By the end of the Christmas term, most teachers are frazzled, especially after all the extra hours put in with school plays, rehearsals, making cards for family. Show your teachers that you appreciate their time and effort by giving them a gift that is worth their time and effort. Teachers play such a vital role in helping to develop your children so it's always nice to take the time to show them how much you appreciate their hard work.

Teacher Christmas gifts that practical or consumable will always go down very well with everyone, especially teachers. By practical we mean either something for their classroom, perhaps a pen holder or a tidy desk.

What a good gift will be will very much depend on the school, and the teachers. Knowing your teachers personality will really help guide you. If the teacher is a young single person, a bottle of wine might be an ideal gift (unless tea total!) If they are green or very eco minded then a stainless steel water bottle is always a great gift to help get them through the day. Or even perhaps a reusable coffee mug, to keep their hot drinks hot! If they are eco conscious giving them lots of plastic gifts or single use gifts might not be ideal.

Older teachers may have a cupboard full of best teacher mugs, so perhaps something a little more thoughtful like a pair of gloves for playground duty. A nice plant to brighten up the classroom or even some lovely bath bombs to help them destress from the day!

You can also get creative with your teacher gifts. Getting your child to make hand-made cards for them, will always be appreciated. A lovely thought would be to allow your child to grow some plants from seed, not only is this a great educational experience for your child but gifting such a gift would be such a lovely gesture. No one can ever have too many plants! Potting them up in an old jam jar could make this a gift which means so much but costs so little!

It is generally recommended to give the teacher and teaching assistant the same amount. Both work as hard as each other and have the same commitment to your child, so giving one a smaller present or no present might not be the done thing.

Why not club together and get them a Baba Me voucher? If all the parents clubbed in £2 or £5 this would allow the teacher to get themselves something they really want rather than receiving upteen boxes of chocolates, biscuits, flowers, smellies & wine! We’ve done quite a few mystery box presents for teachers and I love making up nice hampers with coffee, coffee mug, lip balm, a nice throw and a stainless steel lunch box. By clubbing together and getting one big present, it will allow you to be more creative than normal and potentially give the teacher exactly what they need!


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