What Is a Grimms Rainbow?

grimms rainbow

Grimms Rainbow

Is a Grimms Rainbow just a very expensive piece of coloured wood? Or is it a fabulous plaything that will be treasured for generations?

Hand crafted from a single piece of wood a Grimms rainbow is a rainbow shaped stacking toy that has been designed to be used in a myriad of ways.

Available in a natural, monochrome or rainbow coloured finish all the wood stains are non-toxic water-based colours that are safe for little hands and mouths.

Plus each Grimms toy has been lovingly designed to inspire the imagination and engage children rather than just providing them with entertainment. Yes itís just a coloured piece of wood but arguably thereís a lot more to it than that.

The Beauty of a Grimms Rainbow

For many people the thought of spending around £60 on a toy that doesnít do anything is ludicrous. For others, a handcrafted wooden stacking toy is a thing of beauty that will inspire years of imaginative play and look great on the mantelpiece.

If you love wooden toys then thereís no denying that Grimms make some really beautiful examples. They are all handcrafted and stained rather than painted to retain the natural characteristics of the wood, including the grain and knots which again some people love and others feel is a flaw.

Thereís something magical about a rainbow, the colours and the way they appear out of nowhere, and the toy seems to delight and captivate children in the same way a real rainbow does when you see one in the sky.

And this isnít just a toy for kids. Grown-ups love them too. Both because of the way they look, much nicer than a plastic rescue tower, and because there are so many ways to play with them.

An incredibly versatile toy

The other beauty of a Grimms rainbow is the versatility you get from such an attractive yet simple toy.

The rainbow is designed to be stacked and this is aided by the fact the natural texture of the wood is maintained. And there are some amazing creations to be made either with just the rainbow or by combining it with other grimms toys.

The chunky pieces are easy for little hands to get to grips with. And the smaller rainbows make perfect travel toys for stacking when you are out and about.

As well as being a stacking toy youíll find your rainbow gets used for lots of other purposes. The pieces make great tunnels and bridges for games with cars and trains, can be arranged into lots of fun ball or marble runs. But they also get used for colour matching, animal enclosures, doll beds, mermaid tails and anything else you or your little ones can imagine.

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