What Is a Toddler Balance Board

There are so many amazing open-ended toys available for toddlers. We think toddler balance boards are right up there with the best of them providing so many opportunities for play and development as well as being the perfect toy for getting kids moving even on days when they can’t be outside.

So with that in mind we take a look at what balance boards are, how toddlers use them and why we love them so much.

What are Balance Boards?

Balance boards are essentially just boards that you balance on. They come in many shapes and sizes and are used by children and adults alike. Balance boards are used by physiotherapists and personal trainers as well as professional athletes and even circus performers. They are used to improve balance and build strength in training as well as being great for improving core stability and posture.

The act of balancing on and manipulating a balance board is also great for cognitive development which makes them a brilliant toy for kids and great for use in rehabilitation.

How do Toddlers Use Balance Boards?

While balance boards have become a popular fitness and rehabilitation tool for adults toddlers and children also love them. When used by toddlers a balance board is not only great for getting them moving and building muscle strength but it is a fantastic toy as well.

You see the beauty of a toddler balance board is that it can be used for so much more than just balancing. Sure it can be a rocker, a seesaw or a boat, but it can also be a slide, a tunnel, a shield, the roof of a den, a reading chair, a bridge, and a cave. Plus whatever else you or your child can imagine.

As they get older, kids love to use them more specifically for exercise and there are loads of great ideas for yoga moves and balances you can try on your balance board.

Why We Love Balance Boards

While a balance board might seem like an extravagant purchase experience tells us they really are worth every penny. Balance boards are brilliant for building gross motor skills and improving balance, mobility and strength from the comfort of your living room. They take up less space and require less space to use than ride-on toys, and they stimulate far more imaginative play.

As with all the best open-ended toys you are also not limited to one function. When you buy a toddler balance board you have bought a balance board that is great for exercise but you have also bought a mountain for their dinosaurs, a bridge for their cars, a cave for their teddies and the comfiest ready and relaxing chair you can imagine.


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