What Is a Wobbel Board


A Wobbel Board is the creation of Dutch duo Hannelore & Wouter, a beautiful take on the classic Waldorf rocker boards, and a toy that offers vast opportunities for open-ended play thanks to the unique and versatile design.

The Classic Wobbel board is made of multiple layers of beech wood laminated together into a curved shape. Wobbel boards are made with expert craftsmanship and only the highest quality materials resulting in a beautiful modem design that is sturdy and strong. Strong enough in fact for adults to use it as well.

The Wobbel is designed to be a very durable toy. Sure it might pick up a few dents and dings along the way. But, this is a toy that gets played with for years. Children, and adults for that matter, don’t get bored with it. They just find new and interesting ways to play.

A Balance Board

The natural curved shape is what makes the Wobbel wobble and rock. Children using it as a balance board, either alone or with someone else, will build balance and strength as they play.

Balancing requires core strength, as well as presence and awareness, and children will build confidence and strength at the same time as they discover all the things their body and the Wobbel can do.

Using a balance board is great exercise, and children use plenty of energy as they rock, balance and climb on the board as well as building muscle strength and coordination and honing their reflexes. This is a great toy for developing gross motor skills and is particularly valuable for keeping physical on days when you can’t get outside.

Wobbel boards are great exercise boards for adults as well and there are lots of ways they can be used to support your exercise routine, including less obvious ones such as using them as a step for aerobics or a support for yoga.

A Piece of Furniture

As well as being a balance board, a Wobbel also acts as a very stylish and versatile piece of furniture. In rocking mode, it makes a great chair for lounging in front of the TV or for reading a book. Or turn it over and you have a handy step for washing hands or reaching things that are just a little too high.

Upside down they also make a handy stool or even a low table if you tuck your legs underneath. We’ve even seen them used as a Christmas tree surround.

An Open-Ended Toy

Although they are clearly designed to be rocked and wobbled on Wobbel boards are also fantastic for all sorts of imaginative and creative play. They are a bridge, a tunnel, a slide and a hill to name but a few.

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