What Is an Organic Chocolate

Should you eat organic chocolate?

Chocolate is probably one of the most popular and widely available treats around the world. Many people love to eat chocolates for their scrumptious taste and the scent of chocolate is just heavenly. Conventional chocolate has dominated the market for so many years but there’s an increasing demand for organic chocolates.

Organic Chocolate

Organic chocolate is a growing segment of the global chocolate industry. Many consumers have been staying away from conventional chocolates and opting to buy their organic counterparts. Due to increasing demand for organic chocolates, many big name chocolate brands have started producing them. Smaller chocolate makers like Cocoa Loco have seen increased popularity recently.

Organic Chocolates Are Better For You

Conventional chocolates contain huge quantities of ingredients that are often linked to obesity and poor nutrition. High-fructose corn syrup or HFCS is one of these ingredients and is used in chocolates as added sugars. Minimal amounts of HFCS is really not that bad but excessive intake could lead to weight gain and diabetes.

Artificial flavours and colours are also added onto these conventional chocolates to make them taste good and look better. While there’s no conclusive proof that these artificial ingredients are dangerous to human health, we’re better off not ingesting them.

Conversely, organic chocolates do not contain any of these harmful ingredients. True organic are even made from organic ingredients like sugar, milk, nuts and many more. There’s absolutely no reason for us to consume added sugars or artificial flavours when we do not have to.

Organic Chocolates Are Better for the Environment

Chocolate comes from cocoa beans. Unfortunately, conventionally-grown cacao trees are grown using intensive use of pesticides and herbicides. These toxic chemicals are designed to kill unwanted insects and plants but most of the time they end up killing other species which leads to imbalance of local ecosystems. High usage of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides allow these chemicals to leach into the soil and water, making them uninhabitable for certain species of plants and animals. Furthermore, farmers are also exposed to these chemicals which could have serious health implications.

Choosing organic chocolates over conventional ones shows your support towards alternative production and farming methods. Organic chocolate production often involves less energy and no use of any harmful chemicals whatsoever. Farmers make use of organic methods of growing cacao trees that are far safer and are generally good for the ecosystem and maintain biodiversity. This also allows them to work and earn money without putting their health at risk.

It is important of everyone to support systems that are better for the environment and better for the health of the people involved in the production of the products we buy. Not all organic chocolates are created equal so before buying an organic chocolate, make sure that they are truly organic. And while you are at it, support business that promotes fairtrade practices. By buying organic chocolate, you are not only giving yourself a favour but also you are supporting the health of farmers and conservation of our environment.


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