What Is Natural Soap


What does natural soap mean?

Natural soap is a type of soap that doesn’t have artificial ingredients added to it. This is why natural soap sometimes costs more than other types of soap.

It is a great alternative to traditional soap. It’s completely plant-based, chemical free, and most of them are vegan and cruelty-free. If you’re sticking to a vegan or vegetarian diet, switching to natural soap is essential. Not only will your skin feel softer, but you’ll also be doing a service to yourself and the environment by using it.

Even if you’re not vegan, it’s highly recommended to use soap made from plant-based ingredients. It doesn’t contain any of the nasty chemicals and substances that are normally found in traditional soap.


Natural soap is derived from natural plant-based ingredients and may or may not be made from lye. Lye is a commonly used ingredient in making soap. This chemical is usually consumed during the soap making process which means soaps do not usually contain lye. If you have concerns about lye, don’t worry you can buy soaps that were not made using lye. However, you should do your own research as to what the advantages and disadvantages of soaps made without the lye are.

Natural soaps are usually made in small batches by small businesses. There are different ways to make natural soap but the most common method is cold processes. Most of these artisan soap makers have their own recipe and use a wide range of ingredients that they were carefully selected for their natural cleansing properties, nutrients and ability to moisturise the skin. They can be scented or unscented, and natural fragrances like lavender are usually used in scented ones.

Most of these soaps are considered vegan because they are made exclusively from plant-based ingredients. However, you should still read the ingredients listed to make sure the natural soap you’re planning to buy doesn’t contain any ingredients from animals.


Most, if not all, these soaps come in a wide range of minimal eco-friendly packaging like recyclable cardboard boxes, paper and reusable glass jars.

Why should you be using natural soap?

There are already soaps that are created to clean the body. However, natural soaps have different benefits that you need to understand. Natural soaps can moisturize the skin and they work best for people who have dry skin. They may be made from different ingredients but they are gentle on the skin. The ingredients that you can find in natural soap include sea salt, herbs, oats, honey and a wide variety of essential oils.

Natural soaps are usually scented using natural fragrances only, the most common ones being essential oils and fragrant extracts. Using aromatic plant extracts including herbs like lavender, rosemary, juniper and others for fragrance is a tradition that dates back to ancient civilizations. Lavender has enjoyed a position of importance in soap history as it is one of the most aromatic and soothing herbs in the entire world. Its aroma is relaxing too which is great if you have a long day at work and want to unwind in the bath.

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