What Is the Best Christmas Gift for a Man?

Men who have been good all year round deserve a nicely wrapped Christmas gift hidden under the Christmas tree. Nonetheless, finding the right gift for him can be difficult, and more often than not, you will find yourself clueless. Baba Me has worked hard to source the best gifts for him, taking the stress of finding the perfect Christmas gifts out of your hand.

If you’re looking for eco-ethical gifts in the UK, then Baba Me is the best store for you. All our gifts are hand sourced, high quality, and from some of the best brands.

Thoughtful Gifts for Men

1. Bigjigs Sudoku

If he loves playing brain teaser games, a Bigjigs Sudoku set is one of the best Christmas gifts you can get him. No pen or paper needed, just a fun wooden game that he will surely remember all year long.

2. Water Bottle

A water bottle will make things easier for him wherever he goes, be it the gym, a picnic, or the park, it eliminates the trouble of buying bottled water. And more importantly, it also helps keep our environment safe and clean. On that note, buy one from our FOSH (For Our Sea’s Health) line of water bottles. They are lightweight, classy, and durable- perfect just for him.

3. Coffee Cups

For the men whose days are driven by coffee, the best Christmas gift you can get him is a reusable coffee cup. Coffee cups from FOSH will let him enjoy a hot drink at home, work, or on the move down to the last drop. The Klean Kanteen Tumbler Vacuum is also an excellent gift for any coffee-loving man.

4. Handknit Jumper/ Jersey

If he’s an outdoors guy, a warm hand-knit jumper is a very thoughtful gift. Try getting him one from Pachamama, and he’ll carry you in his heart on all his winter treks. Pairing the jumper with a hand warmer or beanie hat will make it even more special.

Grooming Gifts for Men

1. Beard Comb

It sounds simple, but if he loves a beard, it is far from that. A two-sided beard comb from our collection will keep his beard looking great every time regardless of location. They are 100% pearwood and easy to carry around.

2. Beard care Bundle

A beard care bundle is an excellent gift for him who loves a beard, and bundles from Norse, Benecos, and Big green will be perfect for him.

3. Shaving set

Beardless men also deserve a grooming kind of gift, and our collection of safety razors has one just for him. You can also include a shaving soap from Airmid or Norse if you buy a standalone safety razor. For a complete set, shaving brush and shaving soap included, Norse March 3 shaving set is an excellent luxury gift for him.

Sweet Gifts

Some men love the sweet things in life, and a box from Willie’s Cacao, Chocca Mocca, and Monty Bojangles will light up his Christmas if he is a chocolate guy. Biscuits too work great, and the brant Buiteman has an excellent selection of tasty biscuits for him.


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